Dec/31, 2020 - Jan/1, 2021 Oji Fox Parade(CANCLED)

Sightseeing information about Dec/31, 2020 - Jan/1, 2021 Oji Fox Parade(CANCLED) in Japan.

Dec/31, 2020 - Jan/1, 2021 Oji Fox Parade(CANCLED)4.0

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 from 12/31 '20 to 1/1 '21


According to old legends, foxes gather from all over Japan under a large tree on New Year's Eve, disguised in human costume to visit the Oji Inari Shrine, a shrine dedicated to the deity of foxes. The famous ukiyo-e master Utagawa Hiroshige painted this scene.
To honor this legend, the Oji Inari Shrine holds the fox procession event each year on the final day of the year.
Every December 31, Oji Inari Shrine is very crowded with people wearing fox mask or painting fox makeup, and also a crowd of visitors to watch the fox parade. People including children dress like foxes and start parading from Shozoku Inari Shrine toward Oji Inari Shrine the moment a new year arrives. They hold paper lanterns, which not only represent foxfires, but also the light of hope and life.Then the climax will come when the procession reaches Oji Inari Shrine, a folk music and a lion dance are performed at Kaguraden.

Date : December 31 - January 1, new year
Venue : Shozoku Inari Shrine, Oji Inari Shrine
Access : a 7-mins walk from Oji Station

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5.0a year ago

Nice little Inari Shrine. It has a different feel than most shrines because of the pre-school right down the hill. The sounds of children mix with the wind and birds. Well worth the quiet walk from Oji station. Kita City has a nice neighborhood feel.

5.011 months ago

A rather big shrine with a kindergarten on it's terrirory. You can sometimes see children helping at work as miko. There are a few smaller shrines at the back part of the territory, one of them has a big stone. You can make a wish and inagine the stone's weight, then lift it. If the stone is lighter than you thought, your wish will come true.

5.0a year ago

walk from this shrine to jujo shopping district was most memorable moment of my trip
Old buildings but well maintained living town feels so relaxed and super quit with nature. Shrine itself have unique moss smell and atmosphere too.

4.0a year ago

Small shrine but worth coming for a visit. There is a fox ceremony at New Year's Eve and good support in English

3.0a year ago

Typical solemn temple site. Fresh air, trees. Birds, especially crows. Can buy temple related charms and talismans, I think. It is NOT five minutes away from the Oji Sakura Tram station. It's a long walk.