Daruma Ichi

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Daruma Ichi (Fumonji Temple)3.0

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 from 1/20 '19 to 1/20 '19


On the back of a Mt. Otoyama "Fumonji Temple" encounters the limpid stream Kiryu River.
After more than half a century since the festival foundation, "Daruma Ichi" which became countable as one of Kiryu's trademarks, is held on the third Sunday of January every year.
In front of the Kannondo Hall at the end of the staircase is an old Daruma incinerate memorial service, one step further down in front of the main hall are many(50~60shops) stalls, energetic voices selling Daruma fly around.

Location: Fumonji Temple (普門寺)
Address: Kiryu City, Hishimachi, 4-Chome 2274
Due date: every third Sunday of January every year
Organizer: Fumonji Temple
Transportation: About 10 minutes by car from JR Ryogoku Line Kiryu Station
Inquiries: Kiryu City Sightseeing in industrial Economic Department interchange section
Telephone: 0277 (46) 1111 Extension No. 566
Fumonji Temple
Phone: 0277 (43) 5683

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