Dec/28, 2019 The Last Goma Fire Ceremony of the year )

Sightseeing information about Dec/28, 2019 The Last Goma Fire Ceremony of the year ) in Japan.

Dec/28, 2019 The Last Goma Fire Ceremony of the year (final burning of amulets))3.5

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 from 12/28 '19 to 12/28 '19


On December 28th the last festival days of the year, Grand Goma Fire Ceremony will be held to thank the benefit by burning the old good luck charms of this year.
Contained in Naritasan, burining old good luck charms which are the other self of Fudoumyouou (Acalathe, God of Fire) in flames called Chie (智慧の炎), and thanking for the year's protection is called "Osamefuda Otakiage"
And, Saito Grand Goma Ceremony is, traditionally, an event that Yamabushi worshiped for fulfillment by establishing a giant pedestal using Shiba during mountain training.
Flickering flames, are said to have the benefit of bringing out the heart that cherishes themselves, as well as purifying themselves, and further to fully demonstrate the original work that they have.
The fire of withered wisdom is said to burn up all sorts of crime and disaster and burns the December sky.
Please visit the Osamefuda Otakiage Saito Grand Goma Ceremony, and experience the atmosphere up close.

【Osamefuda Otakiage Saito (柴灯) Grand Goma Ceremony】
Date and time of opening: December 28th, 2019 (Saturday), 10:20
Venue: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Great Main Hall West Square
Inquiries: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
TEL: 0476-22-2111 (8: 00-16: 00)
Access :
You can take either the JR Line or Keisei Line from the Airport Terminal 2 Station. On either line, it takes about eight minutes by express or limited express to Narita Station. Get off the train at Narita Station and walk through the approach to the temple for about ten minutes, and you will find Naritasan Shinshoji Temple on your left.

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PurposeTraditional folk,shrine/temple,sightseeing
Airport/Sta.Airport Terminal 2 sta. (about 6.5km) Google Transit


4.02 weeks ago

People go to Narita airport but not to Narita city. It is worth while visiting! A charming streets with full of classical shops, restaurants etc.

5.05 months ago

You will be impressed even though you're not religious. It has very nice architecture. Please pay attention to the details.
If you are religious or just want to have good luck, don't forget to get the luck charm with fire blessing. You can do this ritual all year around.

5.05 months ago

Amazing. Such an amazing temple,with such history. We were lucky enough to have some local guide volunteers to show us around and explain the history of this 1000 year old temple. There is a regular fire ceremony in the main temple. A must visit.

5.04 months ago

A must visit place in Japan. Very nearby to Narita Airport. Just 10 min travel by train, followed by 10 min walk. Wonderful architecture. Really loved this place.

5.06 months ago

Free entry to the attractions. Free information packs in many different languages at the info center.
Very calm and serene surroundings.
A short walk from Narita Station.
Definitely a good way to spend an hour or two.