Osamefuda Otakiage Saito Grand Goma Ceremony

Sightseeing information about Osamefuda Otakiage Saito Grand Goma Ceremony in Japan.

Osamefuda Otakiage Saito Grand Goma Ceremony3.5

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 from 12/28 '18 to 12/28 '18


On December 28th the last festival days of the year, "Osamefuda Otakiage Saito Grand Goma Ceremony" will be held to thank the benefit by burning the old good luck charms of this year.
Contained in Naritasan, burining old good luck charms which are the other self of Fudoumyouou (Acalathe, God of Fire) in flames called Chie (智慧の炎), and thanking for the year's protection is called "Osamefuda Otakiage"
And, Saito Grand Goma Ceremony is, traditionally, an event that Yamabushi worshiped for fulfillment by establishing a giant pedestal using Shiba during mountain training.
Flickering flames, are said to have the benefit of bringing out the heart that cherishes themselves, as well as purifying themselves, and further to fully demonstrate the original work that they have.
The fire of withered wisdom is said to burn up all sorts of crime and disaster and burns the December sky.
Please visit the Osamefuda Otakiage Saito Grand Goma Ceremony, and experience the atmosphere up close.

【Osamefuda Otakiage Saito (柴灯) Grand Goma Ceremony】
Date and time of opening: December 28th (Friday), 10:20
Venue: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple Great Main Hall West Square
Inquiries: Naritasan Shinshoji Temple
TEL: 0476-22-2111 (8: 00-16: 00)

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5.0in the last week

If you're anywhere near here, go to this temple. It's one of the largest in Japan. Don't miss the large traditional garden. The street between the station and the temple maintains a traditional look with many interesting restaurants and stores.

5.02 weeks ago

This massive temple complex has so much to see. Make sure you don't short change your visit by not allowing enough time to walk through the entire site. If possible, visit during the day and night for an entirely different view of this amazing location.

5.0a week ago

Very peaceful long and winding park - complete with temples, a lake and various trees. Outside the temple is a street bazaar truly worth checking out with drummers, other performers and all kinds of food.

5.0a week ago

Amazing Japanese Buddhist Temple. One of my favourites in the country. Climbing the entry staircase takes you through the gate to another world.

5.0in the last week

Great place to hang while waiting for flight. Fair walk from Narita station but pleasant. Many shop along the way as well.