Dec/21, 2020 Fire Walking Festival

Sightseeing information about Dec/21, 2020 Fire Walking Festival in Japan.

Dec/21, 2020 Fire Walking Festival (Hiwatari Festival)3.6

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 from 12/21 '20 to 12/21 '20


The Kabasan Saenazumi Shrine on Mt.Kaba in Ibaraki Prefecture hosts the Fire Walking Festival on the winter solstice each year.
During the ceremony, barefooted monks walk through burning embers while praying for good health.
Also, visitors can try walking over the embers after the master. And then people try to bring cinders back home as a charm against disease.

Date : December 21 ,2020 12:00 ~
Venue : Kabasan Saenazumi Shrine
Address : 809 Nagaoka, Makabe-cho, Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki
Access : a 15 mins by taxi from Iwase Station on JR Mito Line
Addmision : Free

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Airport/Sta.Iwase sta. (about 7.7km) Google Transit


4.0a year ago

nice place👍👍

5.07 months ago

The gods of the festival are Izanagi Okami, Hayatama Okami, and Hayatama Okami.
The Aiden gods are Tenjin 7th Okami, Chijin 5th Okami, Tianjin Hikone God, Kenkyoro God, Hachiraijin, Nihon Takeson, Sarutahikone God, Inari Okami, and other 737 gods.
Shiki Gaisha listed in Japan's third generation memoir
According to the shrine, the shrine was built during the time of Emperor Keiko (71-130), when Takeru Nihon worshiped Mt. Kaba and worshiped the three gods, Ame-no-Middle God, Sun God, and Moon God. It is said that it is a ritual. After that, Sakanoue Tamura Maro, Kobo Daishi Kukai, successive feudal lords, military commanders, and Mt. Kaba were the training grounds for the palace of the trainees.
The atmosphere is calm and calm, which is different from the Makabe worship hall, and the precincts are clean and you can feel the depth of faith.
Beside the main shrine, there are Setsumatsusha such as Kabayama Gosha Inarisha and Tengusha.
About 5 minutes on foot from the Makabe worship hall of Kabayama Shrine, go down the road for about 300 meters and you will see the east torii gate and enter the precincts.

4.05 months ago

It was my first visit to a shrine this year. ㊗️
🚗 It's about an hour and a half away.
⛩ Kabayama Hongu Shrine

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The shrine was also beautiful and it was a pleasant place. 🌸🌸🌸
You can also get a red stamp.

5.05 months ago

I got a red stamp
Don't hesitate to ask me to commemorate

5.05 months ago

The place here was where I prayed for a light truck, which was good.