Dec/21, 2020 Fire Walking Festival

Sightseeing information about Dec/21, 2020 Fire Walking Festival in Japan.

Dec/21, 2020 Fire Walking Festival (Hiwatari Festival)3.6

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 from 12/21 '20 to 12/21 '20


The Kabasan Saenazumi Shrine on Mt.Kaba in Ibaraki Prefecture hosts the Fire Walking Festival on the winter solstice each year.
During the ceremony, barefooted monks walk through burning embers while praying for good health.
Also, visitors can try walking over the embers after the master. And then people try to bring cinders back home as a charm against disease.

Date : December 21 ,2020 12:00 ~
Venue : Kabasan Saenazumi Shrine
Address : 809 Nagaoka, Makabe-cho, Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki
Access : a 15 mins by taxi from Iwase Station on JR Mito Line
Addmision : Free

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Airport/Sta.Iwase sta. (about 7.7km) Google Transit


4.0a year ago

nice place👍👍

3.0a week ago

I went there when the leaves of the ginkgo fell.
The front of the torii was beautiful with ginkgo leaves all over, but at the same time as the ginkgo leaves, ginkgo was also falling, so I had a hard time walking without stepping on it.
Mr. Miyaji was a kind person, but it was a pity that the red stamp was only written down.

4.08 months ago

I went out by bicycle. Since there is a parking lot at the entrance, the location is easy to understand. There were almost no worshipers due to the influence of corona. The main shrine was decorated with tengu, and on the left was a place overlooking Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tsukuba. There is a place where Masu Uemura is enshrined in the back, Tengu Shrine is further in the back, Inari is on the left, and even Fudo is enshrined on the river. The double-flowered cherry tree is in full bloom, and there is a memorial to the souls dedicated to war dead during the war.

4.0a year ago

I was asked to worship. I visited the red stamp at the office of the office, but it is closed and accepted on the west side of the gate. There was a sticker, but the older one came up the stone steps with the dog, so when I asked, he kindly called Mr. Miyaji. Mr. Miyaji was able to see and closed the office, which was closed, and received a red stamp. Thank you very much for the elderly people with dogs who took care of the older brother Miyaji-san. Currently, the company office is under construction and the office office 250 years ago is being rebuilt.

4.011 months ago

It happened to be one set, but we had you purify it firmly. Thank you very much. I have been with my parents for over 100 years. I look forward to working with you.