Feb/22-23, 2020  Ojiya Balloon Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/22-23, 2020  Ojiya Balloon Festival in Japan.

Feb/22-23, 2020  Ojiya Balloon Festival3.5

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 from 2/22 '20 to 2/23 '20


Ojiya Balloon Festival takes place over two venues, Nishinaka site where they hold the competiton, and Hirasawa site where the balloon rides and food stalls are at.
At Nishinaka site, “Sea of Japan Cup Cross Country Championship” is the main event of this festival.
Also at Hirasawa site, you can enjoy "Glow Balloon Festival" which the combination of light and fireworks is visionary at night of Feb/23. Parasailing or riding the snow train would be fun,too. You can also ride in a hot air balloon.
The hot air balloons floating in the air enchant their audience with their vividly-colored forms.

ACCESS: Shuttle Bus run from Ojiya Sta(JR Joetsu Line).

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Airport/Sta.Ojiya sta. (about 2.1km) Google Transit


5.0a year ago

This is the spot to ride the hot air balloons! When you walk past all the food vendors, you'll see a tent for the hot air balloons. I started lining up at 7:00 am and this secured a ticket number 32. It cost 1000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children. The ride is 3 minutes long. The balloon rides are weather permitting and it can be disappointing if you can't go up. This year my friends and I were lucky and it was worth the wait.

5.0a year ago

This place held an annually Hot Balloon Festival. It is very interesting event!

4.0a year ago

This is the second day in 2019, I went in the daytime.
I think there are some reasons that the day was fine, but too many people.
Or, the venue is too narrow.
There is no space to look at the balloon slowly or to eat what I bought.
A magnificent balloon event. I want to look at the side looking on the ground in a grand mood without garbage.

4.0a year ago

I have been to see the big fireworks in the summer, but in the snowy field in winter hot air balloon
I knew there was a festival and I went from early in the morning.
This year, there seems to be little snow, and it seems that snow accumulation of 1 m or more is left in the usual year, but it is about 50 cm.
I planned to watch the 2:00 p.m. competition flight, but canceled due to wind direction! !
Waiting in the city until the night's global festival · · · Just to know that 'Picture and Ogitani's Hina Festival' is open from February 23rd to March 3rd, I went to Wakamatsu Kanari Hall I came.
Come back, crush the freebies with ions, there is no place to take a picture when you come back! I found a place to shoot and found it.
Although I was able to take pictures of the hot air balloon burner that came up when I ignited it, I could not take pictures of fireworks.
I would like to challenge again next year.

4.0a year ago

I went for the first time.
The wind was strong and the balloon did not rise from the afternoon, but the night glow balloon festival was very beautiful and it was nice to enjoy the winter fireworks too
A lot of stalls appeared at delicious Yokocho, which was about to get lost. Among them, hormone roasting and soup stock were very delicious 😁
Ion was near, so I used it to surpass the cold! A