Dec/6, 2019 Bamboo Rake Fair at Oji Shrine

Sightseeing information about Dec/6, 2019 Bamboo Rake Fair at Oji Shrine in Japan.

Dec/6, 2019 Bamboo Rake Fair (Kumade-ichi) at Oji Shrine3.7

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At Tori-no-ichi festival, ornamental bamboo rakes called Kumade are sold to attract good luck.
The Bamboo Rake Fair(Kumade Ichi) takes place every December 6th at Oji Shrine, Tokyo. Kumade rakes are decorated with lucky objects such as Okame Mask (depicting a cheerful woman), Ebisu-daikoku (one of the seven deities of good fortune), pine, bamboo, plum, crane and tortoise. Dozens of gorgeous Kumade in different sizes and shapes will be displayed on the festival day. Price of Kumade is about 1,000 yen to 50,000 yen, and Kumade with Okame(1,000 yen) is popular.
Vendors dressed in happi coat cheerfully shout out to attract customers and perform a special handclap when a Kumade is sold.

Date : December 6, 2019
Hours : 1 p.m. - 10 p.m. *Rain or Shine
Access : a 5-min walk from Oji Station

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5.06 months ago

It is a Japanese tradition and a way of thanksgiving to your local community. Visit Oji Shrine on New Year's Day, especially if you live in the vicinity of Oji, Kita-ku!

3.0a year ago

Large shrine in the middle of town. We didn't go during any specific event, was very empty and quiet. Great view and garden out the back gate. Neat and cozy place to visit. Great 'little' town

5.011 months ago

Very peaceful Shrine. I keep coming here often . During Sakura season , there is walking path from Oji station to this Shrine which is filled with Sakura trees. During other seasons its a nice green environment.

5.011 months ago

This Shinto temple is in the top ten of Tokyo. It was built around year 1300. In August, the 4th this year, a wonderful ancient dance could be seen. This dance comes from the Samurai’s time. It was done in the field rice and now performed by young children with very rare costumes. Two samuraïs with 7 sabre each are also protecting the dance place. The music is also unique. 60 associations come with their omikoshi which is also spectacular. In January 1st, this is the Fox dance with many masks many people and the God of foxes. In quiet time, it is a wonderful place to pray. Many restaurants around make it a good choice... even a Venetia restaurant I like very much. You take 10 minutes from the Oji station.

4.02 years ago

Nice shrine but similar to others. You can hear many trains from the next door train station.