Nov/1 - 26, 2020 Tori-no-Ichi Festival at Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku

Sightseeing information about Nov/1 - 26, 2020 Tori-no-Ichi Festival at Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku in Japan.

Nov/1 - 26, 2020 Tori-no-Ichi Festival at Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku4.4

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 from 11/1 '20 to 11/26 '20


Approximately 10 mins walk from Shinjuku Station, in Kabukicho area, there is a Hanazono Shrine colored beautiful red.
Hanazono Shrine enshrines several deities including Yamato-Takeru who is a legendary imperial prince in 4th century.
Every Novevmber, the Tori-no-Ichi fair is held twice to commemorate the death of Yamato Takeru.
There are about 60 festival stalls selling "Kumade", which is lucky charm of prosperous business, and you can hear cheerful call from here and there. In addition, more than 160 stalls serving festival food and games are lined up in the vicinity of the shrine. In the precincts, over 1,000 paper lanterns are illuminated.

First Tori-no-Ichi Festival, known as Ichi-no-Tori
November 1 (eve of the Ichi-no-Tori), evening to around 2 a.m.
November 2 (main Ichi-no-Tori), noon to around 2 a.m.

Second Tori-no-Ichi Festival, known as Ni-no-Tori
November 13 (eve of the Ni-no-Tori) , evening to around 2 a.m.
November 14 (main Ni-no-Tori), noon to around 2 a.m.

Third Tori-no-Ichi Festival, known as San-no-Tori
November 25 (eve of the San-no-Tori) , evening to around 2 a.m.
November 26 (main San-no-Tori), noon to around 2 a.m.

Access : about a 7-mins walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit

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1.05 months ago

Peaceful shrine in the heart of Shinjuku. However, the staff at the window that sell the omamories (good luck charms) do not want to help and do their job. I went to the window to buy omamories, but they didn't come to the window to help me. Maybe it was because I was a foreigner, maybe not, but I speak Japanese anyway. Not friendly and not good service.

5.011 months ago

Found this shrine by accident while exploring outside of Unplan hostel. Very quiet and serene place. It was my 1st shrine in Japan.

5.02 months ago

Really beautiful place to visit, specially now that Sakuras have bloomed!

5.0a year ago

Super quiet despite being so close to Kabukichō. Not big but defiantly worth a visit! Also has Geino Asama shrine on its property.

5.0a year ago

Lovely quiet place at night amid the hustle and bustle of Shinjuku. Very lively during festivals with lots of food, drinking and a great atmosphere.