Dec/14, 2019 - Jan/20, 2020 The 45th Echizen Suisen Festival( cancellation)

Sightseeing information about Dec/14, 2019 - Jan/20, 2020 The 45th Echizen Suisen Festival( cancellation) in Japan.

Dec/14, 2019 - Jan/20, 2020 The 45th Echizen Suisen (Daffodil) Festival( cancellation)3.5

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 from 12/19 '20 to 1/17 '21


Echizen Town in Fukui is known as one of the three largest Suisen (daffodil) colonies in Japan along with Awaji Island in Hyogo and Boso Peninsula in Chiba.
Daffodils bloom along Echizen Coast is known as Echizen Daffodil, and be selected as official flower of Fukui Prefecture and Echizen Town.
Echizen Daffodil Festival takes place every winter in Echizen Town. Various events such as Aranami Festa, Crab Fair, and Exhibition of Suisen Arrangement are scheduled.

Venue : Echizen Suisen-no-Sato Park
Access : 43-25 ikuracho, Fukui
Access : take a bus from JR Fukui Station and get off at Echizen Suisen-no-Sato
Dates : December 19, 2020 - January 17, 2021

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5.03 weeks ago

free. From the fishing fire highway, go down a steep slope to the west sea side. Don't miss the sign. Narcissus dome is 300 yen (including Koshi's hometown museum). The oriental daffodils that bloom in December-March have a nice scent like lily of the valley.

5.04 months ago

There is a fishing port where you can fish for squid. The sea is very beautiful and really beautiful. Depending on the direction of the wind, the waves will be quite high and the sea water will cover the embankment, which can be life-threatening, but in normal mild weather it is really beautiful and fun to fish. Depending on the season, the puffer fish will be terrifying.

4.0a month ago

I went there in December.

4.0a year ago

It was good to be able to see the daffodils slowly with a child with bad weather.
There was an automatic picture book machine reading the history of daffodils, but it was a pity that the machine failed to open the last page.

4.0a month ago

The view is amazing