Jan/11 - Mar/1, 2020 Mt. Miune Rime Ice Festival

Sightseeing information about Jan/11 - Mar/1, 2020 Mt. Miune Rime Ice Festival in Japan.

Jan/11 - Mar/1, 2020 (Sat, Sun, Hol) Mt. Miune Rime Ice Festival3.7

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 from 1/11 '20 to 3/1 '20


Miuneyama(Mt. Miune) in Nara Prefecture is a famous place for viewing its rime ice in winter.
Rime ice is created by airborne water that freezes on the branches of trees near the mountain’s summit, and it is simply the general term for liquid droplets that have frozen onto a surface.
Miuneyama Rime Ice Festival is held each year from January to the end of February at Mitsue Youth Travel Village.
There are various fun events and warm food. Also you can get a memorial badge and a discount ticket of Himeishi-no-yu Onsen. Enjoy!

Dates : every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays during Jan.11 - Mar 1, 2020
Hours : 13:00 - 17:00
Access : take a shuttle bus from Haibara Station (one way : 1,380yen/adult 690yen/child)
*Shuttle buses run only Sat, Sun & holidays.

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Airport/Sta.The kisei main line Matsuzaka St. (about 33.8km) Google Transit


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