Dec/12, 2020 - Feb/7, 2021 Suisen Festival at Kyonan Town

Sightseeing information about Dec/12, 2020 - Feb/7, 2021 Suisen Festival at Kyonan Town in Japan.

Dec/12, 2020 - Feb/7, 2021 Suisen Festival at Kyonan Town3.0

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 from 12/12 '20 to 2/7 '21


Kyonan Town, the southern part of Chiba Prefecture is known as a habit for daffodil("suisen" in Japanese).
It is one of the three greatest daffodil birth places along with Echizen in Fukui and Awaji Island in Hyogo.
In Knonan Town, there is a drastic change in temperature between summer and winter, and that's why daffodils in Kyonan smell stronger than others.

Between middle-December and early-February, the Daffodil Festival takes place at Ezuki Suisen Road and Okuzure Suisen Village in Kyonan Town. Tens of millions daffodils bloom on both sides of the town road and the slope of the mountain.
Also the pounding mochi(rice cake) event and the Suisen light-up event will be scheduled at Sakuma Dam Park.

Access :
Ezuki Suisen Road : a 15-mins walk from Hota Station of JR Naibo Line
Okuzure Suisen Village : take a bus from Hota Station

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Airport/Sta.Sodegaura sta. (about 34.6km) Google Transit


5.0a week ago

I wonder if it's okay until early January. You can go by car, but I think it's a good idea to take a walk from the second parking lot of Hota Road Station. Round trip 7km.

3.0a month ago

It was like a warm winter and the daffodils bloomed for 3 minutes.
When it blooms, it becomes a healing place.
It was a pity this time. I want to come again.

5.02 weeks ago

There is about 7 km round trip
It's a good exercise. You can enjoy a quiet hike.

5.04 months ago

I have seen daffodils in Kyonan-cho, Chiba Prefecture!
Konan Town is also known as "the best daffodil village in Japan"!

What! There are about 60 million bulbs of daffodils planted!

The Narcissus Festival is held every year from December to February 🙌
You can rent an electric bicycle at the tourist information center located a 1-minute walk from JR Hota Station!

During the Narcissus Festival, there is a bus running so you can easily go there. This is a recommended spot for scenic views!
I rode a bicycle from Hoda Station to Sakuma Dam via the Narcissus Road!
On the way, I thought, "Oh, this is amazing! It's amazing!" I stopped the bicycle and could see it at my own pace!

3.03 weeks ago

You can still enjoy it from now on.
Nokogiriyama ropeway is suspended for a while.