Dec/14, 2019 47 Ronin Festival

Sightseeing information about Dec/14, 2019 47 Ronin Festival in Japan.

Dec/14, 2019 47 Ronin Festival (Ako Gishi Festival)3.7

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The 47 Ronins of Ako (Ako Gishi, loyal samurai) is a real story of loyalty and revenge. These 47 samurai, whose leader was ordered to commit suicide for slashing Kira Lord with his sword in 1701, spent over a year planning to avenge their leader on Kira, and finally attacked him in 1703.
Now every December 14, the date when 47 Ronin (Ako samurai) attacked Kira Lord as an avenge in 1703, the Ako Gishi Festival takes place in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture.

The highlight of the festival is the grand parade featuring characters from Edo period in elegant costumes, and reenactment of combat scenes from the day of the attack.
In addition, Ako Castle will be illuminated with candles and lanterns during 17:00-21:00 p.m.

Date : December 14 *during 8th - 14th on Dec, lots of events are scheduled as festival week.
Hours : 10:00 - 16:00
Venue : Akagi Castle - Ikitsugi Square
Access : a 15-mins walk from Ako Station

PurposeFestivals,LMFAO,parade,Traditional folk,night view,shrine/temple,sightseeing,shopping
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