Jan/19 - Feb/2, 2020 Toi Sakura Festival

Sightseeing information about Jan/19 - Feb/2, 2020 Toi Sakura Festival in Japan.

Jan/19 - Feb/2, 2020 Toi Sakura Festival3.3

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 from 1/19 '20 to 2/2 '20


Toi Sakura (Toi-zakura) which bloom in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture, is known as one of the earliest blooming cherry blossoms in Japan. Toi Sakura starts to open in the end of December, and comes to into bloom in early January. What is special about Toi Sakura is the color of petals― more bright and dark pink than other kinds of cherry blossoms.
In Toi Onsen grounds, approximately 400 Toi Sakura are planted. Also you can see Toi Sakura around Maruyama Sports Park, Koibito Cape, Manpuku-ji Temple, Matsubara Park, Doi Shrine, Toi Kinzan(Toi Gold Mine), and more.

During Jan.19 and Feb.2, the Toi Sakura Festival takes place at Matsubara Park. There are various events scheduled such as a free tea service, a local flea market, a stamp rally, and stage events.
In addition, Toi Sakura is illuminated at night in Matsubara Park.

Dates : January 19 - February 2, 2020
Venue : Matsubara Park
Hours : 10:00~15:00

Jan.19 : Opening Event , Taiko Drum Performance
Jan. 26 : Free Guide Tour round Toi Sakura and Historical Sites
Feb. 2 : Music Live Show

Light-up of Toi Sakura at Toi Gold Mine
Jan.18 - Feb.2 18:00~20:30

Access :
- about 50 mins by local bus from Shuzenji Station
‐ about 55km from Numazu IC (about 1 hour)

PurposeFestivals,Seasonal Flowers,Japanese resort,cherry blossom viewing,sightseeing,an eating tour
Airport/Sta.Shuzenji sta. (about 16.5km) Google Transit


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