Jan/1, 2020 New Year's Mochi Pounding Event

Sightseeing information about Jan/1, 2020 New Year's Mochi Pounding Event in Japan.

Jan/1, 2020 New Year's Mochi Pounding Event 3.6

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 from 1/1 '20 to 1/1 '20


To celebrate New Year, 4 local young men will perform the dance of pounding mochi rice cake to pray for continued fertility.
After the performance, mochi rice cakes will be offered to visitors.

Date : January 1, 2020
Hours : 11:00 a.m. ~
Venue : Sengen Park
Admission : Free

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Airport/Sta.Noboribetsu sta. (about 5.7km) Google Transit


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สวนกระบอง ( ของปีศาจตัวแดงใจดี )

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温泉街から地獄谷へ行く途中に有ります。 間欠泉が有り、ボコボコと湯気が立ち上っています。 湯気が立ち上っている公園はなかなか珍しいですね。

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