Dec/1 - May/6, 2019 Hot-Tubbing Monkeys in Hakodate

Sightseeing information about Dec/1 - May/6, 2019 Hot-Tubbing Monkeys in Hakodate in Japan.

Dec/1 - May/6, 2019 Hot-Tubbing Monkeys in Hakodate3.5

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 from 12/1 '19 to 5/6 '20


The Hakodate City Tropical Botanical Garden, located in the Yunokawa Hot Springs area, is home to some 100 free-range Japanese macaques (or snow monkeys). Although the monkeys can be seen enjoying themselves all year round, they are a particular draw for visitors in the colder months, when they can be seen taking a leisurely dip in the hot springs. The monkeys warm themselves in a pool of steaming mineral water from December 1st through the beginning of May. Hakodate is famed for its monkeys, a rare sight with their human-like passion for bathing in the hot springs.

Venue : Hakodate City Tropical Botanical Garden
Address : 3-1-15 Yunokawa-cho, Hakodate City, Hokkaido
Access : take a bus from JR Hakodate Station, and get off at Tropical Botanical Garden
*3.2 kilometers from Hakodate Airport
Fee : 300 yen / adult, 100 yen / elementary and middle school student, Free / child under school age
Hours : Nov. - Mar. 9:30~16:30, Apr. - Oct. 9:30~18:00 *closed on 12/29~1/1

Purposeeasily accessible,LMFAO,kids,family,Japanese resort,winter in Japan,hot springs,sightseeing
Airport/Sta.Hakodate sta. (about 5.2km) Google Transit


5.02 weeks ago

It was a fun escape from the cold. It’s a small place but really nice, the plants reminded me of Hawaii. The admission was like $3 but well worth it to feed the moneys, they funny. I got their food at the ticket gate for $1 a bag.

5.04 weeks ago

Admission fee is cheap. Can take close look at monkeys in hot spring. Monkey's food is available for sale at the entrance. Fun to buy some and feed the monkeys.

5.03 weeks ago

Service was impeccable while the monkeys were adorable. Warm atmosphere despite the cold weather.

2.0a week ago

For people from tropical region, plants are what you are most likely to be familiar with, nothing special. The monkeys are caged and not much to expect.

2.02 months ago

We went to this place primarily because of the hot-tubbing snow monkey, but we werent amazed. The botanical garden has a tagline that says "the garden that feels tropical all the time", however there is nothing much to see. Probably it can take max 10 minutes inside the garden because there are not much plants and flowers. And the snow monkey were not even having a bath (probably of the cool weather and the water isnt hot).