Feb/10 - Mar/10 Izu Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/10 - Mar/10 Izu Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan.

Feb/10 - Mar/10 Izu Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival4.1

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 from 2/10 '21 to 3/10 '21


The Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms have become famous as the earliest blooming cherry blossoms around Tokyo areas. Kawazu-zakura bloom from early-February until early-March, while sakura bloom in Tokyo between late March and early April.
The outstanding characteristics of Kawazu-zakura are its large petals and the bright pink color. There are 8,000 cherry trees in Kawazu.
"The Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossom Festival" is held during the blooming season and visited by a million of Japanese and foreign tourists. During the festival, there are a lot of food stands and souvenir shops so you can enjoy having local specialty.

Besides viewing Kawazu-zakura, you can also have the "Hot Spring Foot Bath" experience. Only by soaking your feet in the hot spring bath, you will be able to feel warm throughout your whole body. There are three Foot Bath spots in the festival area. "The Sakura Foot Bath"(9:00-17:00), "The Hosen Foot Bath", "Saburo Kawazu's Foot Bath" are good spots of viewing sakura while taking foot bath.

At night, light displays are set up each evening from 18:00-21:00 to illuminate the trees. Kawazu-zakura are planted on both side of sidewalk, it is called Cherry Blossom Tunnel, which fold over one and half mile long path, creating a tunnel-like effect. Especially at night, it provides an astonishing view for the visitors, much different than the one that can be seen during the day.

Dates: February 10 - March 10
Place: Along the Kawazu River
Access: Kawazu Sta. on the Izukyu Railway Line

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5.05 months ago

It was our first sakura experience, very beautiful. These pretty blooms are special variety of Sakura that bloom earlier than usual. They also have brighter pink petals than the common variety. Located on Kawazu, Shizuoka prefecture, just about 3 hours by train from Tokyo. The Kawazu Sakura Festival is held every year on February-March. Definitely worth to visit👍

5.0a year ago

These Sakura are amazing, the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. Love them and want to come back.
The lighting at night was nice but I was expecting more. Be prepared to walk a lot.

5.011 months ago

An enchanting place indeed, lot of cherry blossom trees around. Serene stream of Kawazu river and small green chirping birds add to the beauty! Worth visiting at least once in life time apart from Fuji mountain and 5 lakes.

5.011 months ago

Came in 2017 and it was a weekday so we had the entire place to ourselves. This time it was a Monday but the place is packed with tourists. Still lovely with a good variety of street food and snacks.

4.0a year ago

After a colleague gave me a heada up on the cherry blossom happening in februar at Kawazu, I went for a roadtrip on Izu peninsula. Kawazu has the cherry blossom, but on a sunny day, it is also very nice and calming to take in the view of the pacific. On the way i also visited Joren water fall and Jogosaki light house. Both of them are nice to visit, but maybe not spectacular