Feb/10 Paper Balloon Festival of Kamihinokinai

Sightseeing information about Feb/10 Paper Balloon Festival of Kamihinokinai in Japan.

Feb/10 Paper Balloon Festival of Kamihinokinai3.8

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 from 2/10 '21 to 2/10 '21


“Paper Balloon Festival of Kamihinokinai” held in the area of Kamihinokinai in Semboku City, Akita Prefecture, is a mysterious event with history over 100 years.
Paper balloon is getting bigger and bigger in recent years, about 3 meters to 8 meters long, and the biggest one is 12 meters long.
Since 2 months before the festival, everyone in city from children to adults work together to make balloons.
This is the annual event that about 100 big paper balloons painted Japanese-art(Ukiyoe) are released into the night sky, wishing state of perfect health, safety of the family, or huge harvest, etc.
Visitors can have experience of writing wishes or lightning balloons.

15:00 Doors open
15:30 Folk entertainment performances
16:40 Set off balloons in daytime
17:40 An opening address
18:00 Set off balloons(many balloons are launched at the same time)
19:00 Set off balloons
20:30 Final set off balloons

Access: 7 mins by walk from Kamihinokinai Sta.(Akita-Nairiku Line)
Addmission: Free

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1.02 months ago

Foreign substances are often mixed in the food at the exciting market next door. To say the dirty thing, there was a fly in the katsudon. There are some aspects that cannot be evaluated very much.

3.04 months ago

It was opened in the corona whirlpool. The poster of the recent paper balloon festival was exhibited. If possible, if there is an exhibition where you can watch videos, you can enjoy the festival.

3.04 months ago

Paper Balloon House
It's huge to call it a paper balloon.
Is it around February 10th?
It seems to climb with the power of fire when it is cold. It's a balloon.
There seems to be a toilet at night.
I will be indebted to you someday.

3.03 months ago

I think it would be nice to make the village appeal a little better

1.03 months ago

The cafeteria started in April, and I recently ate edible wild plants. I ate rice balls and udon before they came.