Feb/2 - 3  Setsubun Festival at Kyoto Yasaka Shrine

Sightseeing information about Feb/2 - 3  Setsubun Festival at Kyoto Yasaka Shrine in Japan.

Feb/2 - 3  Setsubun Festival at Kyoto Yasaka Shrine3.4

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 from 2/2 '20 to 2/3 '20


Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, also known as Gion Shrine, is the head shrine of all 3,000 Yasaka shrines in Japan.
Every early-February, the 2-days Setsubun Festival is held at Yasaka Shrine.
This festival features Geiko and Maiko – the Kyoto version of Geisha, wearing beautiful kimonos. Geiko and Maiko from four districts of Kyoto flower towns visit this shrine, then perform traditional dance and throw beans to pray for a good health.
Besides, you can enjoy viewing a lion dance and a taiko drum performance. Also you can buy lucky beans that come with a lottery ticket, get a paper amulet on a stick that keeps the evil at bay for a year, and eat zenzai red bean soup that wards off evil.

Dates : February 2 - 3, 2020
Admission : Free
Venue : Yasaka Shrine
Address : 625, Giommachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto City, Kyoto
Access :
-a 5-min walk from Gion Shijo Staiton
-take City Bus 206 to Gion bus stop

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5.0in the last week

Very pretty shrine, set in beautiful surroundings, the shrine dates from 6th century, it's a more muted style set in pretty grounds. The buildings are very pretty, it's impressive the number of lanterns in one of the buildings. It's all beautifully maintained, there is a famous festival that's held also. Highly recommended.

5.03 weeks ago

Beautiful shrine. For a street photographer (or any photographer) this is a place where you can’t leave your camera behind. Pink sky in the evening, Kimonos worn with pride, all makes for a great Japanese show.

5.0a month ago

The shrine itself isn't all that interesting, but walk up inside and go either left or right and you'll get yourself a treat to some of the most wonderful places in Japan with a unique atmosphere. Don't even bother with the food sold during Hutsumode tho (Japanese New Year shrine visit, often in the afternoon or at night during the first week of the year), just go there for the atmosphere instead.

4.0a week ago

The shrine was quite crowded when I came. Mostly by people who came not only to see the shrine but also pray.
Many small stalls inside the area, right after you enter their gate. They sell not only food but also some souvenirs.
I suggest to come at night, as the shrine illuminates and came out really good in the camera.

5.02 weeks ago

Beautiful, and the most visible and important shrine in Kyoto. We went on New year's day and it was completely packed. Japan being Japan, the crowd wasn't so bad as everybody was behaving.