Feb/19 - Mar/8, 2020 Konosu Bikkuri Hina Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/19 - Mar/8, 2020 Konosu Bikkuri Hina Festival in Japan.

Feb/19 - Mar/8, 2020 Konosu Bikkuri Hina Festival (Konosu's Surprising Doll Festival)3.2

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 from 2/19 '20 to 3/8 '20


Konosu City in Saitama has been creating Japanese Hina dolls for over 380 years, and is famous for the Japan's highest doll tower in pyramid shape (31 tiers 7m), displayed during the Doll Festival.
"Bikkuri Hina Matsuri", literally means "Surprising Doll Festival" takes place annually from middle-February to early-March in Konosu City.
Approximately 10,000 hina dolls are displayed in 6 venues, and around 300 bamboo hina dolls welcome visitors. Each site holds various events such as doll exhibitions, workshops, and markets. Don't miss the Japan's tallest Pyramid Hina Tiered Doll Stand!

Dates : February 19 - March 8, 2020
Hours : 10:00 - 21:00
Venue : Elumi Konosu Shopping Mall 1F Central Court
Address : 1-1-2 Honcho, Konosu City, Saitama
Access : East Exit of JR Konosu Station

PurposeFestivals,easily accessible,,kids,family,let's hang out!
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5.0a month ago

A great residential Mall with enough essentials for all necesscities. Restaurants, to fast foods, super markets, DIASIO, phamacy , food court etc

5.0a year ago

I really like this place it's not so big but it has lots of shops. I love the prices are reasonable it even has a movie theater you can watch the latest movies and you can buy anything here.

3.02 years ago

The shopping mall layout and decor isn't great, but it has a couple of things going for it. For example, there are some fairly decent eateries such as a Saint Marc Cafe, Mr Donuts and you can have a one coin lunch in Saizeriya. They also have some really good events, such as Japan's tallest display of hina in March and a really good Lapland Santa in December. You can find more information for both on Saitama With Kids.

3.03 years ago

Very average mall. They do have a Daiso, 31 ice cream and a pretty good supermarket.

3.02 years ago

Nice mal.there is a Daiso