Feb/10 - Mar/7, 2021 Plum Festival at Syuzenji Bairin

Sightseeing information about Feb/10 - Mar/7, 2021 Plum Festival at Syuzenji Bairin in Japan.

Feb/10 - Mar/7, 2021 Plum Festival at Syuzenji Bairin (Plum grove) 3.2

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 from 2/10 '21 to 3/7 '21


20 kinds of (totally about 1,000) plum trees including old trees over 100 years are planted in Shuzenji Bairin. During Plum Festival, there are a mass of blossoms over an area of 3 hectares .
Plum Festival is held from early February until middle March every year, and you can enjoy a specialty food "Grilled Ayu(sweetfish)",or Amazake(sweet non-alcoholic rice malt beverage). Also, Nodate(open-air tea ceremony) is held in the tea house "Soukou-villa".

"Grilled Ayu" and "Amazake": 10AM - 3PM (weekday) / 9AM - 4PM (Sun,Sat)
"Nodate"(open-air tea ceremony) in the tea house "Souko-villa" :11AM - 2PM (Fri, Sat, Sun)
An open-air market:10AM - 3PM

Dates : February 10 - March 7, 2021
Access:Mishima Sta (Shinkansen) → Shuzenji Sta.(Izuhakone Line) → Momijibayashi stop(No.3 bus) → 15 minutes walk

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Airport/Sta.Shuzenji sta. (about 3.5km) Google Transit


3.02 months ago

Parking fee 300 yen.
It's about 5 minutes to the maple forest.
It may be difficult to return on a slope.

3.05 months ago

300 yen pay parking lot. It's a delicate fee because Umebayashi is free. The parking lot has a two-stage structure.

3.010 months ago

During the plum festival, ordinary cars cost 300 yen. Admission to Umezono is free.

3.0a year ago

Parking lot of Shuzenji Bairin
Although it is good to go, please be careful not to make a mistake because there is an information board on the way back.
(There are several parting roads)

3.02 years ago

One time 300 yen
Shuzenji Natural Park Used when visiting a maple forest.
When stopping at a parking lot that is one step lower in the back and walking down the road leading to the Bairin forest, there is a signboard for bus guidance guidance on the way, when you go down and go down there, they are connected by buckwheat noodles.
It is better to go by the route to combine forest with the natural park.