Jan/12/2019 - Feb/24/2019 Nagatoro Wintersweet Festival

Sightseeing information about Jan/12/2019 - Feb/24/2019 Nagatoro Wintersweet Festival in Japan.

Jan/12/2019 - Feb/24/2019 Nagatoro Wintersweet Festival3.5

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 from 1/12 '19 to 2/24 '19


Period : Jan/12/2019 ~ Feb/24/2019
Flowering season : mid December-early March
Forecast for Western garden :mid-Jan to early Feb
Forecast for Eastern garden :late Jan to early Feb

Events (1) Tea service at tourist information center (12AM - 2PM on Sat, Sun, Holiday)
(2) The Wintersweet Hike (Feb/2-24), Reception 9:30-11AM, in front of tourist info center at Nagatoro Sta.

      Enjoy the hiking to nagatoro station tourist information center treasure mountain.  

      (3) treasure mountain Japanese ornamental hiking (1/26-30) admission 9:00-11:00 enjoy a hike to nagatoro station treasure mountain. (4) get special coupons, join a hiking * (2) and (3) of coupon hike map hike participants available in support of Association members giveaway (5) rope way free shuttle bus (1/12-March 17) * free shuttle bus available to treasure mountain ropeway sanroku station parking nagatoro station except for 3/3 operation hours 10:00-16:00 approximately 15-30 minutes interval (6) temporary tourist information Office (1/26-Festival 3/17 Saturday and Sunday
        10 am-14:30) * except the 3/3 mountain station Tourist Office of temporary installation (7) with professional photographer nagatoro Chimonanthus & plum shooting meeting (2/7 and 3/2) nagatoro Chimonanthus and plum shoot why not challenge?

     Registration fee: ¥ 3,240 (aerial tram costs separately) Please check the dedicated site for more information. If the event is due to various reasons such as weather changes be cancelled /.

Purpose,couple,Seasonal Flowers,mountain climbing
Airport/Sta.Nagatoro sta. (about 1.9km) Google Transit