Mar/3/2019 Hina-Nagashi at Awashima Shrine

Sightseeing information about Mar/3/2019 Hina-Nagashi at Awashima Shrine in Japan.

Mar/3/2019 Hina-Nagashi (Floating Girl's Festival Dolls) at Awashima Shrine3.7

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Dolls are crammed on to the altar of Awashima-jinja (Shrine), which is famous for the Shinto ritual of Hina-nagashi (floating Girl’s Festival dolls on the sea of March 3rd). A fantasy world opens up before your eyes and you become caught up in the mysterious atmosphere.
About 30-40 thousands dolls such as Hina-doll, Ichimatu-doll, French-doll are dedicated as the memorial service every year, and it' a magnificent view. People would gasp at such a breathtakingly mysterious view.

Every year on March 3, the day of Hinamatsuri Girl's Festival, Hina-Nagashi(Sending off of Hina-dolls) is performed.
Hina-dolls which have been dedicated from all over nation are loaded onto three wooden boats along with paper dolls written messages of wishes and prayers.

At noon, dolls and visitors are performed the purification ceremony at shrine precincts. Then, dolls are loaded onto three ships and only woman are allowed to bring the ships to the seaside.
Around 1PM, Shinto ritual are held by priests, and then three ships are sent off to ocean.
People who watch over ships floating would wave their hands, pray their wishes, or fill their eyes with tears.

DATE: March 3rd, 2019 (Sun)
HOURS: Gate open at 9AM-5PM, the event starts at noon.
ACCESS: 20 mins by walk from Kada Sta (Nankai Kada Line)

PurposeFestivals,spiritual places,beach,nature,kids,haunted places,shrine/temple,sightseeing,major
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5.09 months ago

Really special and rare place to visit in Wakayama, Osaka. There are plenty of dolls, lucky cats that make a holly sense

5.010 months ago

This place is as a repository for sick, dying and abandoned dolls, which according to Japan's traditional Shinto belief system, require a kind of exorcism lest they come back to haunt their former owners. The dolls on public display are creepy enough,some with real human hair and eyes that follow you.However there is rumoured to be a hidden group that have the stigmata of possession; growing hair and nails, bleeding eyes! just imagining their existance completes an eerie experience
This shrine is a must for those who want to experience traditional, uncontaminated Japanese culture.

5.0a year ago

Before you take the ferry to Tomogashima, you`ll most likely be pointed in the direction of this shrine. With a huge collection of various dolls, it makes an interesting stop off.

5.02 years ago

Very special shrine, strongly recommend to check if you like unusual places or interested in Japanese culture.

4.0a year ago


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