Feb/15, 2020 Nakayama Setsugekka Snow Festival

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Feb/15, 2020 Nakayama Setsugekka Snow Festival (Shimogo Town)3.2

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"Nakayama Setsugekka Snow Festival" is held in mid-February each year in Nakayama Area of Shimogo Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
Approximately 2,000 small snow igloos with candles inside spread out across the Nakayama Hananogo Park. The contrast between the snow, moon and candlelight creates a radiant and magical atmosphere. It is designated as one of Japan’s best “Night View Heritage Sites”.
Visitors also can participate lighting candles, so don't forget to bring a lighter with you.
Besides, you can enjoy watching Japanese traditional performances and music shows, or having local cuisine.

Venue : Nakayama Hana-no-Go Park
Date : February 15, 2020
Hours : 16:30 ~
Access :
-Take Aizu Railways train from Aizuwakamatsu Station to Yunokami Onsen Station. From Yunokami Onsen station, there’s a shuttle bus to the venue.
- about 20 mins by car from Yunokami Onsen Station.
*No parking lots at the venue

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