Feb/22 - Mar/8, 2020  Nakatsu Hina Doll Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/22 - Mar/8, 2020  Nakatsu Hina Doll Festival in Japan.

Feb/22 - Mar/8, 2020  Nakatsu Hina Doll Festival 3.1

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 from 2/22 '20 to 3/8 '20


Nakatsu in Oita is known as a Nakatsu Castle Town, which dates back to 1588.
From middle-February to middle-March each year, Nakatsu Castle holds a Hina Doll Festival.
During the festival period, visitors can enjoy the exhibition of rare Hina Dolls such as Yusoku-bina, Kyoho-bina, and Kokin-bina, as well as a 7-cm small hina doll on the hina display decorated elegantly.
One of the highlights is the Human Hina-Doll Display, people who are selected as Hina dolls wear Hina costumes and line up the stage at the back of the castle.
Besides, you can experience "Turning into a Japanese princess at a traditional shrine", or "Strolling the historical streets in Kimono". Also, there are various fun events such as Koto and Taiko performances.

Dates : February 22 - March 8, 2020
*Human Hina Doll Display is held on Feb.29 and Mar.1 at Nakatsu Castle.
Venue : Nakatsu City
Admission (Nakatsu Castle) : 400 yen/adult, 200 yen/child
Access :
By car:
About 60 minutes from Hita IC of Oita Expressway
About 20 minutes from Kouge SIC of Higashi Kyushu Expressway
About 30 minutes from Nakatsu IC of Higashi Kyushu Expressway
By JR:
Get off at Nakatsu Station on JR Nippou Main Line

Airport/Sta.Nakatsu sta. (about 900m) Google Transit


4.08 months ago

There is free parking, but this visit is not for those who are handicapped. Otherwise,, it is worth the time and effort to see it. The admission is very reasonable. The way the castle is made is totally different than European castles and is more akin to a guard tower than anything else.

If you go, be sure to go behind the stairs of every level. There are hidden things hard to see on nearly every level.

5.0a month ago


2.07 months ago

I wouldn't recommend this place to people who don't speak or read Japanese. Nothing except the pamphlet was in English and there was no more than a few paragraphs written in it.

4.09 months ago

The ticket is 600¥ for adult, 300¥ for kids. U will get a little discount if u come as a group of 40 people or more. English introduction (a piece of paper included with the ticket) are available for those who cant speak Japanese. The castle is small, and it will probably take less than 30 mins to visit the whole thing.

3.02 years ago

The views from the top are nice but there is no English information. Not really worth a $4 entry if you can't read Japanese. But the ticket booth/gift shop lady was really friendly and spoke some English. She gave us a map and highlighted good places nearby.