Jul/10/2019 Mt.Fuji Opening Ceremony for Climbing Season

Sightseeing information about Jul/10/2019 Mt.Fuji Opening Ceremony for Climbing Season in Japan.

Jul/10/2019 Mt.Fuji Opening Ceremony for Climbing Season 3.2

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 from 7/10 '19 to 7/10 '19


Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, 3,776 meters high above sea level.
The trail leads to Mt.Fuji on Yamanashi Pref.side is opened July 1st, and the trails on Shizuoka Pref.side is opened July 10th, and be closed on September 10th. (It may change subject to weather and trail condition. Official announcement would be scheduled on June.)

On July 10th, the ceremony to open the Fuji climbing season will be held in Fuji Sengen Shrine. Priests make a solemn declaration in front of the god and pray for the safety of climbers headed for the peak. Some events such as a tea offering ceremony, the Beauty Pageant, the dedication of arm-held fireworks etc. are also held.
Local children parade through the town to cerebrate an opening of Mt.Fuji.

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Beautiful and special Japanese shrine! Great temple, great pine trees and environ!!

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Nice place

5.0a year ago

Amazing place. Calm surrounding. Feel the positive energy. Very nice and beautiful scenery. View Mt Fuji from the entrance. Love this place.

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