Izu WASABI mini museum

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Izu WASABI mini museum (Yamamoto Food Mishima Wasabi Factory)3.0

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“WASABI” (Japanese horseradish) is widely known in Japanese food as a condiment when eating sushi and sashimi. Almost of the WASABI shipped to Japanese markets is now cultivated in Shizuoka Prefecture—and the Izu is one of the greatest WASABI-producing regions in Shizuoka.
Mishima Wasabi Factory is also the company store of Yamamoto Foods which visitors can enjoy shopping WASABI-products, such as WASABI-pickles, WASABI-mayo, or WASABI-flavored sweets. And you shouldn't miss to eat WASABI-soft cream!

Admission: Free
Dates: Throughout the year
Venue: Yamamoto Food Mishima Wasabi Factory
Address: 894-1, Tsukamoto, Kannami-cho, Tagata District, Shizuoka
Tel: 055-970-0983

Purposeshopping,an eating tour
Airport/Sta.Mishima Sta. (about 5.7km) Google Transit


1.0a year ago

We went from Ito, thinking it was going to be an interesting museum about Wasabi and the culture in the area. Turns out it is one wall with a little information and then the rest is a chaotic shop. Do not go! Big waste of time!

5.02 years ago

This Wasabi Shop / Museum is an amazing experience. There is no charge for anything except the merchandise, which you are not forced to buy. Entrance, samples, the exhibits, information, and experience are all free. We got to try multiple samples and smell the wasabi factory area. This place is truly worth a visit. It does however take nearly an hour from Mishima station by bus, but if you drive it is only 20 minutes.

Please, if you have a chance, stop by here and Mentai Park. Search Mentai Park too! It's right next door!

5.03 years ago

You not only can buy and sample wasabi, but you can learn about wasabi here!
You can feel their love for wasabi.

4.03 weeks ago

As a wasabi museum, we introduce wasabi, exhibit, sell goods, restaurants, and tour factories. A tunnel that smells of wasabi? You can enjoy the exhibits of wasabi fields and explanations about wasabi. The wasabi soft serve ice cream is delicious. I think it would be fun to stop by including Mentai Park and Road Station.

5.0a month ago

Until the wasabi was made ... the exhibition was unique. It is also interesting to name the entrance passage as Wasabi Road. The inside of the store is full of wasabi. There are various types from wasabi liquor to T-shirts. The Mentai Museum and Road Station are within walking distance.