Feb/20 - Jul/31,2019 "Nabana no Sato" Flower Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/20 - Jul/31,2019 "Nabana no Sato" Flower Festival in Japan.

Feb/20 - Jul/31,2019 "Nabana no Sato" Flower Festival3.2

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 from 2/20 '19 to 7/31 '19


Located about 30 minutes by car from Nagoya is the "Nabana no Sato", a flower theme park on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana-city, Mie Prefecture. This park hosts one of the largest flower festivals in Japan every Spring, and best illumination displays in all of Japan.

Plum tree/Weeping plum tree/Kawazu cherry tree/ Festival
late-February to late-March
about 150 red and white and pink plum trees, about 330 weeping plum trees. At night, you can enjoy the view of the light-up of trees and illumination. About 300 Kawazu cherry trees which bloom earlier than other type of cherry trees are planted around the pond and Sakura pink tunnel is breathtaking.

Tulip Festival
late-March to late-April
Tulip festival is the most popular event in there because of that spectacular view, almost 1.8 million tulips in 4 ha garden. You can enjoy about 200 varieties of tulips all over the garden. At night, the view change more romantic since the tulips are lighted up.

Daffodil Festival
late-March to late-April
About 9 kinds of 20,000 of Daffoddils

Rose Festival
early-May to late-July
About 800 kinds of 4,000 roses in the rose garden

Hydrangea and Iris Festival
early-May to late-July
Hydrangea: about 50 kinds of 70,000 hydrangeas
Iris: about 200 kinds of 8,000 irises

Access: 10 minutes by bus from Kuwana Sta.
Admission: 2,300 yen, Free for kids under elementary school age

Purposenight view,Seasonal Flowers,sightseeing,let's hang out!
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5.0a week ago

Nabana No Sato hosts one of the biggest winter illuminations in Japan! At night, the vast field of flowers transforms into a beautiful lights and sounds show. It can get super crowded because everyone obviously wants to experience the beautiful show but it’s super worth it. Very accessible too! I can spend an entire day in this place just appreciating the beautiful flowers in the morning and the lights and sounds at night ❤️ Will definitely go back!

5.0in the last week

A great place for shooting and selfie :p
Amazing flowers and light arrangements but little bit far from city center. Keep more time for exploring this area.

5.03 months ago

The perfect place to go for a romantic date.
The first thing you mus see is the Begonia Garden...
it’s a place full of flowers from the ceiling down to the walls , doors etc... it’s a very nice and calm place to visit to give your eyes once in a while a beautiful and mesmerizing sight.

Next is the Illumination which will only start at 5:30 pm... also a beautiful view... romantic... and amazing.

The Mirror lake is pretty amazing , the name says it all.
I suggest to go there around 4pm just the right time to visit begonia garden... and head to the Illumination down to the mirror lake.

5.02 months ago

It's such a beautiful place to come see a variety of flower arrangements.

During Christmas time there is a wonderful light setup. Be prepared for crowds and to wait at restaurants. Other than that, bring your camera, a bottle of water, some loved ones or that one special person and enjoy a few hours walking and talking in the sights.

5.04 months ago

I really enjoyed the atmosphere here. The light show and the budding tree blossoms really give someone a peaceful impact. I thought they had a great selection of tasty food, too. I think if you want to take someone on a date, this is a good place to go. It was a little crowded, but everyone was respectful.

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