Dec/28, 2019 - Feb/29, 2020 Zao Juhyo Festival

Sightseeing information about Dec/28, 2019 - Feb/29, 2020 Zao Juhyo Festival in Japan.

Dec/28, 2019 - Feb/29, 2020 Zao Juhyo Festival3.8

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 from 12/28 '19 to 2/29 '20

Zao is one of largest ski resorts in Japan and famous for “Snow Monster(Juhyo)”, all trees covered with snow and they just look like monsters. This natural phenomenon happens only under a specific environment condition, seen in only few mountains of north of Japan including Zao in the world. The average of top of the mountain is around -10 to -15°,and snow storm blows 10~15m/s, that climate makes Snow Monsters.

Some events are scheduled during the festival, such as Fireworks(about 5mins),Stamp Rally, and "1,000 People Torch Sliding", 1,000 people holding LED torches slide down the ski slope at night.

At night, Snow Monsters are lit up with colorful lights and glow in the black of night. They look like completely different from they are white and silver in the daytime.

Dec/28/2019 - Feb/29/2020, 17:00 - 21:00
Cable Car Fare: 3,000 yen (adults), 1,500 yen (children)

(appointment needed)
The heater-equipped, special nightcruiser snowmobile gives passengers a great experience of the illuminated Snow Monster trees and Zao scenery.
Dec/28/2019 - Feb/29/2020, 17:00 - 21:00 (last admission: 20:00)
Hours: about 60 minutes
Fee: 4,500 yen(adults), 3,800 yen(children)

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5.0a year ago

Beautiful and amazing view, with cold weather.

3.0a year ago

Too cold....and visibility also too lower.....Lighting only in a small number of areas..

5.02 months ago


4.05 months ago

Visited on 2020/02/07. Low temperature but sunny. Good visibility with lots of tourists to see the hoarfrost and also attracting many skiers. Taking in a line for the rope way car for over 1 hour. The spectacular trees and hoarfrost along the way to made up for the regret that last year was missed due to dense clouds. Clouds and mist on top station. 9 degrees below zero in the room. Out to take a picture of the statue of Zao and hurriedly withdrew.The snow volume at least one meter less than last year. Last year only the Tibetan statue's head showed with entire body buried under thick snow. This year the entire body able to be seen. The weather at the plateau station good. Most tourists pleased to take pictures with snow here.

5.05 months ago

20200210造訪藏王樹冰,永遠忘記不了看到那震撼樹怪雪景的感動,誠心推薦這裡是此生去日本必去的絕景! 樹冰是日本東北地區相當獨特的自然景觀,水氣、溫度、樹種、風向、雪量都是樹冰形成的要素,
觀賞藏王樹冰需要搭藏王纜車上去,樹冰是指在高山上的針葉樹被大量的雪和冰所覆蓋而形成的自然景觀。樹冰的形成需要獨特的地形及氣候條件,像位於日本山形縣和宮城縣交界處的「藏王山」,擁有來自日本海中帶著大量水蒸氣的暖流和來自西伯利亞的冷冽西北季風,由於雲層中含有大量的過冷水滴(在低於0度的環境中也不會凝結),因接觸到樹木而凝結,之後再被雪覆蓋,在藏王山上平均約-10~-15度的氣溫中,形成獨特的「樹冰景觀」,由於樹冰的形狀特殊像怪獸,所以樹冰也被稱為雪怪「ICE MONSTER」。