Apr/12 - Apr/15, 2019 Hiyoshi Sanno Festival

Sightseeing information about Apr/12 - Apr/15, 2019 Hiyoshi Sanno Festival in Japan.

Apr/12 - Apr/15, 2019 Hiyoshi Sanno Festival3.5

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 from 4/12 '19 to 4/15 '19

Hiyoshi Taisya Shrine is the head shrine of a network of 3,800 Shinto shrines throughout Japan, and located in Shiga Prefecture. The "Hiyoshi Sanno Festival" is one of the "Lake Biwa's Three Great Festivals" which is annually held at Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine with 1200-year history, praying for rich harvest and piece.

The Sanno Festival lasts for a month and a half from March 1. However, the most notable festivities occur on the three days between April 12 and 14. On April 12, two mikoshi (portable shrines) are carried down from Mt. Ushio, a location symbolizing divine marriage, to the shrine's east hall in the Uma no shinji (Holy Ritual of the Horse). On April 13, the birth of the prince is commemorated in the Yomiya otoshi (Shaking of the Shrines), an event where four mikoshi are violently shaken in an expression of the pains of childbirth. On April 14, seven mikoshi are transported by boat across the lake and back, aboard which the solemn and majestic ritual of Awazu no goku (Offering of Awazu) is held.

Hiyoshi Taisha is easily accessed from Kyoto.
If you are visiting Kyoto area to view the spring cherry blossoms, be sure not to miss the Sanno Festival.

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5.07 months ago

Beautiful place you can clear your old energy

5.0a year ago

One place in Shiga prefecture you should DEFINITELY make a stop at. Beautiful hiking area and one of the cheaper entrance fees. SO MUCH to discover in the surrounding area!

4.0a year ago

One of the older and more historically significant Shinto shrines in the area. It's a convenient stop if you are headed to Enryaku-ji, and won't take all day to explore.

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4.04 years ago

Quite a large religious complex, on Mt Hie, between Kyoto and Shiga . There are 3 famous stone bridges , temples..there is also a golden rock ( catches the sun at dawn ) at the top of the mountain ..I have never made it that far ...If you go past the main hall there is also a small river with a bridge and a soba restaurant overlooking a large waterfall...nice if you want to eat with the sound of rushing water ....