Mar/20 - Apr/4, 2021 Sakura Viewing in amusement park "Yomiuriland"

Sightseeing information about Mar/20 - Apr/4, 2021 Sakura Viewing in amusement park "Yomiuriland" in Japan.

Mar/20 - Apr/4, 2021 Sakura Viewing in amusement park "Yomiuriland"3.5

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 from 3/20 '21 to 4/4 '21


"Yomiuri Land" is Tokyo's largest amusement park. You can enjoy over 44 rides and attractions!
In Sping, about 1000 sakura cherry trees bloom, and Yomiuri Land has really found a great way of viewing sakura with their rides. During the spring when the park is filled with sakura cherry blossom trees, you can get up close to the sakura blossoms while you ride attractions like their roller coaster Bandit, the ferris wheel, and the gondola that takes you into the park.
Enjoy the amusement park's sakura cherry blossoms with an aerial view from the gondora and thrilling rides!

Sakura cherry trees are lit up at night.
Yomiuri Land 's illuminatiln display features 6.5 million jewel-like LED lights, called "Juwellmination". The combination of Juwllmination and sakura pink makes such a gorgeous view you never seen, it takes you to a world of radiance!
Sakura Light-up: 16:00 - 20:00 

Dates: March 20 - April 4, 2021
Opening hours: 9:00 - 20:00
Address: 4015-1, Yanokuchi, Inagi city, Tokyo
Access: Take the gondola “Sky Shuttle” from Keio Yomiuriland Station on the Keio Line.
Admission only: 1,800 yen(adult) / 1,500 yen (junior and senior high school student) / 1,000 yen (the other child) / 1,000 yen (65 and older)
Night Ticket (after 4PM~) : 1,500 yen(adult) / 800 yen (junior and senior high school student) / 500 yen (child) / 500 yen (65 and older) / Free (infant)
Parking : 2,000 lots available (1,500 yen/day)

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3.07 months ago

I went to the pool portion and I was disappointed. No wear to sit... had to sit on very hard rough plastic ground. Only 2 water slides so even with the “limited attendance” the wait was long. Everything was pretty packed I can’t imagine there ever being more people. Also they don’t provide floats for the lazy river and the cheapest ones were 2500 yen. I thought the value for what I paid for my ticket was low but I still had a great time. But water slides were great(very fast) and they have a very very deep pool you can dive into from 3 different levels. They did have areas you could rent with chairs but I think the cheapest option was around 2000 yen, I don’t remember because I did not purchase it. I also went on the bandit roller coaster and the standing roller coaster. Both excellent rides!!

5.03 months ago

We went for the Jewellumination and it was pretty amazing. I'm not really interested in Christmas lights but this was seriously impressive and beautiful.
Definitely worth the ticket price.
But it gets really cold so dress warmly. High heels and miniskirts are not recommended.🙄

3.03 months ago

Yomiuriland is a park attraction for kids at the day and mostly for couples at night, this park has a light winter decoration and some roller-coaster.
You can choose through different option tickets like all day pass, night pass and walk pass . If you choose the last option you have to pay for each attraction that you wanna ride separated.
You can see in detail all the passes in their web page (English available) but Japanese version has more detail explanations and payment methods.
In my personal experience this place doesn't look so great like in the advertisement pictures , the attractions are little bit boring and you have to make a lot of queue (60mins). The best option at least for me is take the walk pass and pay for the attractions that you like to get in.

4.04 months ago

It's a complete package for 1 day outing.. try to reach by 10:30 AM
Have a pass for complete day and try to cover major rides early morning itself.. enjoy soothing illumination en evening till 9

4.02 months ago

Awesome place , theme park with light illumination is one of the positive with this.
Light illumination is awesome. Best place to go.