Mar/25 - May/10, 2020  Koinobori Festival at Tatebayashi

Sightseeing information about Mar/25 - May/10, 2020  Koinobori Festival at Tatebayashi in Japan.

Mar/25 - May/10, 2020 (scheduled) Koinobori Festival at Tatebayashi4.2

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 from 3/25 '20 to 5/10 '20


※All the scheduled events and the night illumination of Koinobori Festival '20 has been canceled due to coronavirus fears.
Koinobori streamers will be hung throughout the city as scheduled.

"Koinobori" is a carp windsock (carp-streamer kite) swimming in the sky, hung to celebrate Children's Day(May/5).
Tatebayashi City in Gunma holds the Koinobori Festival each year from late-March to early-May.
Approximately 5,000 of the colorful Koinobori streamers are hung at 5 spots in the Tatebayashi City, and the main venue is the Tsuruuda River where around 3,000 Koinobori fly above of.
Besides, there are approximately 415 Sakura cherry trees blooming in April along the both banks of Tsuruuda River. Enjoy the fantastic view of the carp streamers swimming alongside the beautiful cherry blossoms!

Dates : March 25 - May 10, 2020 (scheduled)
Venue : Tsuruuda River , Kondonuma Lake, Morinji River, Tsutsujigaoka Park Inn, Tataranuma Lake
Address : Shiromachi, Tatebayashi City, Gunma
Addmission : Free
Access : a 20-min walk from Tatebayashi Station
By Car : 15 mins from Tatebayashi Interchange
Parking : 500 lots available

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5.010 months ago

From late March to Golden Week, 3,000 streamers swim in the Tsuruikuta River.

More than 5,000 carp streamers are displayed at nearby parks, and the sight is spectacular.

Since the display period is long, you can enjoy it without being crowded by removing Golden Week.

Also, if you go around Golden Week, the temperature may rise very much if it is sunny, so I think it is better to go after checking the weather forecast and checking.

4.07 months ago

The ducks who settle in are cute. I take a walk from time to time.

5.0a year ago

There is a lot of cherry blossoms and carp streamers, and there is a large parking lot and it's just right for a free coffee walk.

3.010 months ago

Just passed by bicycle

5.09 months ago