Mar/1 - 14 Shunie Ceremony in Todaiji Temple

Sightseeing information about Mar/1 - 14 Shunie Ceremony in Todaiji Temple in Japan.

Mar/1 - 14 Shunie Ceremony in Todaiji Temple (Omizutori)3.6

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 from 3/1 '20 to 3/14 '20


Shunie Ceremony is a 2-week Buddhist Fire Ceremony held at Nigatsudo Hall of Todaiji Temple on March. It dates back to 752 and has been held annually for more than 1,260 years. The Shunie Ceremony features 2 main events, "Otaimatsu" and "Omizutori".
Each night during the Shunie Ceremony period, you can watch the fiery Otaimatsu Ritual. Giant torches are lit at Nigatsudo Hall, and young monks run back and forth along the temple's balcony, carrying flaming torches. The constant movement and whipping around causes sparks to scatter upon the crowd below.
A highlight of Otaimatsu Ritual is held on March 12th. The 6-m long, 70-kg weigh torches are lit up and make the biggest scale of embers which shower down from the balcony. It attracts over 30,000 visitors each year.
"Omizutori" is the water ceremony on the last day of Shunie Ceremony. After the final night of the fire ceremony, monks draw water from the Wakasa Wall under Nigatsudo Hall. It is believed that the spring will come when the Omizutori has finished.

Dates : March 1 - 14
Venue : Nigatsudo Hall of Todaiji Temple
Address : 406 Zoshicho, Nara
Access : take a bus from Nara Station and get off at Todaiji Daibutsuden

March 1 - 11 & March 13 : 19:00~ for 20 mins
March 12 : 19:30~ for 45 mins
March 14 : 18:30~ for 10 mins

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5.02 weeks ago

Go there for sunset!! Very cool looking temple with interesting elements on both sides of the main building. Also it is FREE of charge and the stunning terrace is always open!

4.08 months ago

Free and picturesque part of Todaiji. Best of all, it's much quieter than other places around the city. Note that it is slightly uphill and has a few stairs to reach but that allows for a good view

5.06 months ago

Todaiji is the location of the Omizutori held annually, quite a cool event if you're in the area while it's on, expect to stand around for a while. It gets quite busy and if you want to be closer to the front of the line, I recommend getting there early. The temple itself is quite a site, it's a huge wooden structure and quite beautiful.

4.07 months ago

Have a very nice view because it build on top of the hill. Go there to see it your self. Even though it is not as famous as kiymizu dera and also don't have the majestic view, and the crowd of tourists but it is quite and tranquility.

4.05 months ago

We didn't get in so I can't say anything about the inside. But from the outside, it's quite impressive with its large columns. You have great views of the city