Feb/7 - 9, 2020 Namahage Sedo Festival

Sightseeing information about Feb/7 - 9, 2020 Namahage Sedo Festival in Japan.

Feb/7 - 9, 2020 Namahage Sedo Festival3.2

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The Namahage Sedo Festival is a combination of the “Saitousai” ritual held at Shinzan Shrine in Oga City and a traditional “Namahage” event begun in 1964 and held on the second Fri, Sat and Sunday of February at Shinzan Shrine. This festival starts at the grounds of Shinzan Shrine.
Namahage is a ogre-like demon typically used to frighten bad children to be obedient to their parents.
There are many highlights of Namahage Sedo Festival, such as Namahage Dance, Namahage Drumming Performance, and the re-enactment of Namahage's Home Visits .
Some local young men disguise as Namahage with demon masks and costumes, and then Namahage go from house to house to visit the children while yelling phrases like “Any bad children here? Any sobbing children here?”
Under the fantastic atmosphere of the snow and the dim light, Namahage perform a powerful impressive dance and Japanese drum. The climax is Namahages’ climbing down the snow mountain. A lot of Namahages go down the mountain bravely, holding fire torches, and yelling out.
Oga's Namahage were added to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list in November 2018, to join seven other prefectures similarly offering raiho-shin rites, where people don masks or costumes to become certain deities.

18:00~ "Chinkamasai" and "Yunomai" At the entrance of the venue
18:20~ The Namahage spirit call At the gate of the shrine
18:35~ Re-enactment of the Namahages' visit At Kaguraden stage
18:55~ The Namahage Dance In front of the Sedo bonfire
19:05~ Namahage Daiko Drumming At Kaguraden stage
19:25~ Namahage Descending from the mountain At the open space
19:50~ Offering of Goma-mochi to the Namahage At the approach to the shrine
20:00~ Sato-no Namahage At the open space

Venue : Shinzan Shrine
Address:97 Kitaurashinzan Mizukuisawa, Oga City, Akita
Access:From JR Oga Station, take the temporary bus for 40 minutes (one-day unlimited-ride ticket : 1,000 yen) *Free for 18 and under

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5.0a year ago

This shrine marks one end of the pilgrimage route across the mountains of Oga. In the past it was a syncretic Buddhist site, but became a Shinto shrine in the Meiji Period. Up behind the shrine is a collection of interesting Buddhist statues and massive stone stairs leading into the mountains. We went here instead of the nearby museum because there was a line to get in there, but while the shrine is quieter the whole narrow mountain road and parking can be crowded during holiday seasons.

5.07 months ago

Famous for its Namahage Festival held annually in February.

4.010 months ago

Nice view

4.02 years ago

Nice Shinto shrine with a Buddhist building. Great atmosphere

5.04 months ago


創建:景行天皇の時代(71~130年)、 武内宿禰が真山に登り、使命達成と国家安泰、武運長久を祈願し、瓊瓊杵命と武甕槌命の2柱を祀ったのが始まりとされています。