Geo Tour in Tanna Fault Park

Sightseeing information about Geo Tour in Tanna Fault Park in Japan.

Geo Tour in Tanna Fault Park3.0

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The shift of the fault that occurred during the Northern Izu Earthquake of 1930 is preserved in the Fault Park.
Here visitors can observe with their own eyes that as a result of a left-lateral fault movement, the waterway of the time shifted about 2 meters along the fault. Visitors can also see the rupture of the strata in the observation facility offering the viewer a very real demonstration of the fault movement.
The knowledgeable guide from Izu Peninsula Geo Guide Association will take you to a fun geo tour!

Fee: Free for Tanna Fault Park (additional charge will be costed for the geo guide)
Period: Throughout the year
Venue: Tanna Fault Park
Address: 253-4, Tanna, Kannami-cho, Tagata-gun, Shizuoka Pref.
Tel: 055-979-1733

Purposespiritual places,experience
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3.08 months ago

Interesting if you're into geology, random sightseeing and funny English translations.

4.09 months ago

you can learning how to happen effect earthquake
can fees biggest power of earth in your sence

4.02 years ago

Very small park showing the effects of active tectonic fault. There are toilets, free parking and an area showing cross section where the fault runs under ground.

5.0a year ago

Not much to see, but could learn how much the earthquake affected.

3.0a month ago