May/15, Kyoto Aoi Festival(Cancelled)

Sightseeing information about May/15, Kyoto Aoi Festival(Cancelled) in Japan.

May/15, Kyoto Aoi Festival(Cancelled)4.5

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 from 5/15 '21 to 5/15 '21


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, almost of all events have been canceled. Only the ritual by priests will be held at Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine.

The Aoi Festival is known as one of the three major festivals of Kyoto along with the "Gion Festival" and the "Festival of the Ages".
From The Kyoto Imperial Palace to Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine, over 500 people go walk in elegant procession like the Heian picture scrolls, through Miyako-oji Street.
It is the ancient festival, and all the procession is decorated with bamboo leaves.

Kurabemae Ashizoroe-shiki at Kamigamo Shrine
Date: May 1, 13:00-
It is a ceremony to decide the relative merits and combinations of horses prior to the performance of "Kamo Horse Racing" on May 5. This is a heroic Shrine ritual and is registered with the Kyoto City Intangible Cultural Property.

Yabusame Shinji at Shimogamo Shrine
Date: May 3, 13:00 - 15:30
It is a Shrine ritual to pray for safe journey of Aoi Festival.
At the riding ground in the "Tadasu no Mori", an archer wearing a costume of the duke riding a galloping horse shoots a target.
It is a very spectacular and popular event of shooting out while running a horse.

Saio-Dai Misogi Ceremony at Shimogamo Shrine
Date: May 4, 10:00-
"Saio-Dai Misogi Ceremony" is the ritual that Saio-dai(the heroine of Aoi Matsuri)and forty women who participate in the Nyonin-retsu(women's march)involve in soak their hands in the Mitarashi-ike pond and purify themselves. It takes place at Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine every other year.(In 2019, it was held at Shimogamo Shrine.)

Busya Shinji at Shimogamo Shrine
Date: May 5, 11:00-
"Busya Shinji" is a Shrine ritual to purify the street of the "Aoi Festival" to keep out of harm's way.
The archer exorcise evil spirits by making a sound pulling a bow string called "Hikime Ceremony". And "Yagoshi Ceremony"(fly the arrow through the roof of the tower gate), "Oomato Ceremony"(shoot a big target), "Momote Ceremony"(shoot arrows one after another)are held.

Kamo Kurabe Uma at Kamigamo Shrine
Date: May 5, 10:00-
A jockey dressed in the costume of "bugaku"(court dance and music) rides on a horse and splits into left and right. After the ritual, at around 2PM, "Kyouchi" (a contest to compete for speed) begins at the riding ground in Kamigamo Shrine.

Mikage Festival at Shimogamo Shrine
Date: May 12, 9:30-
It is a Shrine ritual to welcome the spirits to Shimogamo Shrine from Mt.Mikage at the foot of Mt.Hiei ahead of Aoi Festival.
Around 4PM, "Kirishiba Shinji"(Shinto ritual) is performed and the dance of "Azuma Asobi no mai" dedicated to the gods.

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4.0a month ago

Very nice free-to-enter walking area to view the fall foliage during the autumn season. We didn't check whether there was a fee to access any other areas or not. The place was crowded with tourists on a weekend evening in late November. Trying to take pictures here without being photobombed would be quite a challenge. There are very few places to sit/relax so it is best to move along. The neighborhood around this area is very well-to-do.

5.08 months ago

My favourite place in Kyoto. No crowds lots of green space. Best kept secret

5.0a year ago

There is a company that matches the zodiac, making it fun to visit. There aren't many people here this season, so it's a good idea to go there. Bicycle is recommended.

5.0a month ago

Large and with a lot of space in which to stroll. Beautiful during autumn, especially a few very big ginko trees.

5.0in the last week

What can be said about a 2000 year old shrine in Kyoto? Simply amazing. A must see if you're visiting the city.