Jul/14, 2019 Nachi Fire Festival

Sightseeing information about Jul/14, 2019 Nachi Fire Festival in Japan.

Jul/14, 2019 Nachi Fire Festival (Nachi no Ogi Matsuri)3.9

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Nachi Fire Festival is one of the three major fire festivals in Japan and the fire event of the Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine. It takes place on July 14th every year in the Kumano Mountains of Wakayama Prefecture. The festival celebrates the return of the deity libing in the shrine to the Great Waterfall of Nachi, Japan's highest waterfall.
The festival is particularly famous for the scenes of 12 enormous pine torches with fire, which weighs close to 50 kg , being carried from the shrine to the Great Waterfall of Nachi. These 12 torches represent the spirits of the gods living in the Kumano Mountains and used to purify the path by burning.

The ritual dance and music are performed in Nachi Taisha Shrine, and the main ceremony is held from 2PM at the path in front of the waterfall.

Nachi Fire Festivlal is also called Nachi Ogi Festival.

Venue: Kumano Nachi Shrine
Access: 30 mins by bus from Kii Katsuura Station

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5.02 weeks ago

What a wonderful temple place!!!

Absolutely worth every single step uphill, and the travel with local trains from Osaka to be compensated with a unique temple complex of the 3-legged-raven.

Yes, GOT-fans ... a raven with 3 legs, not with 3 eyes :-)

As in most places try to be here early. Even though the shrines and temples open up around 9:00, you will have chances to explore the complex and take some good photos for memories, without the risk of being photo-bombed.

5.03 weeks ago

Very very very beautiful place you must go in your trip. You will have to take a bus to get there. My advice is that if you want to walk kind of long way, you should get off the bus at the first stop on the hill. If you don’t want to walk get off at the second stop.

4.04 months ago

Kind of hard to get here but ultimately it is something that needs to be seen when you're in Wakayama. I would suggest coming a little earlier if at all possible as you will avoid the crowds and your pictures will turn out better if you're into that sort of thing. On top of the mountain there are three temples or shrines you can walk to. Most people who drove to this place will park their cars on the bottom and pay about 500 yen then walk up the side of the mountain to reach the shrine. For the lazier folks, there is actually a gate that you can pay 800 yen and have direct car access to the parking lot at the top.

4.0a month ago

Beautiful and important shrine close to the wonderful Nachi Falls. Busy with both worshipers and tourists. Easy access by bus to/from Katsuura.

4.02 weeks ago

Great religious site with 4 storey pagoda and beautiful waterfall. Be prepared for the climb!