Mar/28 - Apr/5, 2020 Sakura Festival in Aya Baji Koen

Sightseeing information about Mar/28 - Apr/5, 2020 Sakura Festival in Aya Baji Koen in Japan.

Mar/28 - Apr/5, 2020 Sakura Festival in Aya Baji Koen3.0

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 from 3/28 '20 to 4/5 '20


※The Pony Racing Event scheduled on Apr.5 is cancelled due to the coronavirus fears.

Aya Baji Koen Park, located in Aya Town of Miyazaki Prefecture, is an equestrian park where people and horses interact. The park has been famous as a place to train racehorses for a very long time. And it holds a wide variety of horse-friendship events.
Besides, there are various playground equipment in the park so that kids can enjoy all the day long.

From late-March to early April, approximately 1,300 Sakura cherry trees and canola flowers reach full bloom in Baji Koen Park.
On the weekends during the Sakura Festival period, various events such as a tea ceremony, free sake service, a wild grass tasting event, and more, are scheduled.
In addition, a giant flower clock which is 28m in diameter surrounded by 20,000 flowers boosts the mood of spring.

Dates : March 28 - April 5, 2020 9:00~17:00
Venue : Aya Baji Koen
Admission : Free
Address :2687 Kitamata, Aya-cho, Higashimorokata District, Miyazaki Prefecture
Access : about 50 mins by bus from Minami-Miyazaki Sta.

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4.0a month ago

There are various menus centered on ramen and the taste is good. My favorite is handmade pickles here, and vegetables are also sold next door. Roses and azaleas bloom every season and dust.

4.0a month ago

It is a popular place for families with children.
It's best to spend your time relaxing while eating lunch on the lawn. There are playground equipment and you can touch the horse, which is great for children! ??

3.0in the last week


5.06 months ago

With its quiet appearance, the big flower clock was very impressive and I was impressed. For the staff passing by, men are strong and women are beautiful. The horse was dignified and very wonderful. Thank you very much! ️

5.0a month ago

I took my grandson. I was surprised and excited to meet the horse 🐴 that I saw up close for the first time. There are also playground equipment, so I thought I should have brought a lunch box!