Apr/7 Innyaku Shrine Spring Grand Festival "Capture of the Crucian Carp"

Sightseeing information about Apr/7 Innyaku Shrine Spring Grand Festival "Capture of the Crucian Carp" in Japan.

Apr/7 Innyaku Shrine Spring Grand Festival "Capture of the Crucian Carp"3.2

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 from 4/7 '21 to 4/7 '21


This Shinto ritual festivity is attributed to Sogano Ishikawa, a deity consecrated at Innyaku Shrine.
The Mikoshi portable shrine carried by local men and the sacred horse parade throughout the town.
The main highlight of the festival takes place at Kagaimiike Pond of Innyaku Shrine. Young men in fundoshi loincloths dive into the pond and try to catch carp by their hands. Then men holding carp caught in the pond would throw carp and mud at the spectators.
Legend has it that the mud brings health and prosperity!

Date : April 7, every year
Venue : Innyaku Shrine
Address : Kagamimura, Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto
Access : a 10-min walk from JR Arisa Station

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3.011 months ago

I worshiped and went to the office to get a red stamp, but I was told that I am not doing it now
I'm sorry

3.0a year ago

I visited while feeling the history. I got a copy of the red stamp.

3.03 years ago

I received a red stamp. Nevertheless, I was told that the red stamp fee is good if you visit us. It happened that I was surprised for the first time, but it seems to be memorable as a day of joy today. Thank you very much.

3.02 years ago

You can get a red stamp. He said, "If you visit and make a donation, you don't need to pay." At first glance, it is an ordinary shrine that is everywhere, but when I saw the information board in the precincts, I was surprised that it has a history from the Nara period.

4.03 years ago

An important shrine in Kagamimachi
This time is the visit of Shichigosan 🎶