Apr/20 Ashigara-Shoden Temple Annual Festival

Sightseeing information about Apr/20 Ashigara-Shoden Temple Annual Festival in Japan.

Apr/20 Ashigara-Shoden Temple Annual Festival2.3

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 from 4/20 '21 to 4/20 '21


Shoden-do Temple at Mt. Ashigara is one of the three main Shoden Temples (Shoden is a Buddha of the temple) in Japan, and enshrines Daisho Kangi- Soshinten, be worshipped as a god marital harmony, blessing of a child, better fortune, and good health. The festival has lasted from ancient times.
The annual festival is held on April 20, and many worshippers visit there to get rice-cakes(Fukumochi).
Not only visiting the festival, you can also enjoy strolling the Ashigara-joshi Park or viewing Mt. Fuji Hakone

Date : April 20
Time: 9:00 - 15:00
Tossing Coin and Rice-cake: 11:00 , 14:00

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Purposespiritual places,nature,shrine/temple
Airport/Sta.Ashigara St. (about 3.1km) Google Transit


5.0a year ago

It’s a temple at Ashigara pass. It’s a religious place.

3.0a week ago

I visited on New Year's Day, but the company was well-established and seemed to be profitable.
Mt. Fuji from the Ashigara Castle Ruins, which is a few minutes' walk away, was also the best.

2.05 years ago

A shrine that celebrates the Holy Delight.
Brings good fortune and fortune with the head and human body of the elephant.
Set with Kintaro only for Ashigara.

4.013 years ago

Ashigara Kodo, Sekisho, Castle Ruins.
The view of Mt. Fuji is good and you can see Gotemba city and Mt. Kintoki.
The night view is beautiful!

Although Ashigara Kodo is cut by the road, it is a hiking trail.
From here to the entrance to Kinkizan by car. You can park near the trailhead.

2.04 years ago

A temple in the Ashigara Pass. The Imperial Buddha cannot be worshiped because he is a great buddha and a secret Buddha. Sorry!