mid-Apr~, 2021 Gomangoku Wisteria Festival(cancelled)

Sightseeing information about mid-Apr~, 2021 Gomangoku Wisteria Festival(cancelled) in Japan.

mid-Apr~, 2021 Gomangoku Wisteria Festival(cancelled)3.4

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 from 4/15 '21 to 5/5 '21


Okazaki city is located in Aichi Prefecture, about 30 minutes from Nagoya area, and famous for viewing great wisteria spots in spring.
There is a giant wisteria garden of 1,300 square meters along the Otogawa River, located just south of Okazaki Park. It features its long clusters and spectacle purple wisteria trees stretch all over the trellis.
Wisteria is a symbol flower of Okazaki city, and a lot of people visit there to enjoy viewing the wisteria every spring.

Place: Okazaki Park Wisteria Pergolas (Okazaki Koen Fujidana)
Address: 562 Kosei-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture
Tel: 0564-23-6217 (Okazaki City Tourist Association)
Parking: Temporary parking lot at the tennis courts in the river bed of Otogawa River, cap. 150 cars), 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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5.03 months ago

Walking along the river leading to Okazaki Castle is also fun🤗

We can enjoy watching not only Okazaki Castle but also local cuisines using “ hacho miso” & seasonal beautiful flowers 👍

5.04 months ago

The first time I came here I was surprised, it turned out that the place was very spacious, and I entered the Okazaki royal castle which was so luxurious, but unfortunately I was not allowed to take any photos of the contents inside, except for the top floor. I took a photo from the veranda of the top floor of the castle, it was a very beautiful sight. after that I got on a boat sailing around the cherry blossoms that were blooming and beautiful, I also felt very lucky. because I can meet the descendants of the king of okazaki who is now the owner of the main position of king okazaki. friendly and handsome, this is a highly recommended place if you are confused about traveling

5.0a month ago

Best time to go see the fall leaves 🍂 bring a jacket coz the wind can be strong

5.0a year ago

Nice park for child to adult.
Has nice view, in night too.

5.02 years ago

Okazaki park and castle is an historic adventure. There is a large park, a castle, of course, and a beautiful garden. It is epic both in spring and fall. Easy access by car or public transport, or as I prefer, by bicycle. There are events such as historic re-enactments, fireworks and, at this time, exquisite illumination. Take your whole family. There’s something for everyone. I almost forgot the elegant and tea house with its fiery fall foliage and tasty treats. Enjoy!