Apr/25, 2021 Yanai Tenjin Spring Festival

Sightseeing information about Apr/25, 2021 Yanai Tenjin Spring Festival in Japan.

Apr/25, 2021 Yanai Tenjin Spring Festival (canceled)3.6

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 from 4/25 '21 to 4/25 '21


Dates: April 25(Sun)
Hours: 19:00 - 20:00 (Sat/eve) , 9:00 - 17:00 (Sun/main) *there's a possibility that the schedule would be changed.
Venue: Sugawara Shrine (Yanai Tenmangu Shrine) - around Yanai Sta.

Sugawara Shrine is dedicated to Sugawara-no-Michizane from 17th century.
The main event of this festival is the Daimyo Procession, people dressed in costumes of Edo period walk down throughout the city, and it is like they perform a picture scroll.

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3.04 years ago

On the right side of the precincts of Yanai Tenjin [Yanai Tenmangu (Sugawara Shrine)], there is a Basho Kumonu.
柳 Is it a willow that will be raining in the eighty nine hours
The monument next to the Basho Kumon seems to be "Yanai Kouta".
Come on, Yanai's Tenjin Festival
Seven days and seven nights are waves of people
The work of Noguchi Ame.

4.04 years ago

約 About 300 years ago, when Yanai's entrepreneur, Sadasue Souko, went to Osaka for business, he visited Tenma Tenjin (Osaka Tenmangu).
天 It is said that it was the beginning of the religion in Genroku 10 (1697), bringing back a statue of Tenjin caught in the teeth of the wooden shoes worn at that time.

3.03 years ago

It is a wonderful Tenman-gu Shrine.

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