May/5 Kachiya Festival

Sightseeing information about May/5 Kachiya Festival in Japan.

May/5 Kachiya Festival3.3

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 from 5/5 '20 to 5/5 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, the Samurai Procession of Kachiya Festival has been canceled in 2020. Only the ceremony will be held.

Every 5th of May, Kachiya Festival celebrates a victory granted by the deities at Kameido Katori Shrine, in Tokyo.
The festival features the 2km walking Samurai Procession from Kamede Shrine to Kameido Katori Shrine, displaying real warrior armors, instruments and weapons. The procession would be 500 meter long, and many colorful flags of the festival are up along the street. These make the atmosphere of the festival more gorgeous.
There also be green tea ceremony, carp-release, and Japanese flute performances at Kameido Tenjin Shrine which is 10 mins away from Kameido Katori Shrine.

Kameido Katori Shrine
Address: 3-57-22 Kameido,Koto-ku, Tokyo
Schedule: 13:00 Samurai Profeccion, 15:00 Ceremony
Access: a 10-min walk from Kameido station

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5.04 months ago

A beautiful and quiet shrine, not over crowded either. Easy to access using the trains.

5.0a year ago

Good place to visit. If you are lucky you can see the path of the samurai.

4.02 years ago

A beautiful shrine especially here in fall when we're visiting. We can see from pictures that it's looking amazing in summer with its hanging flowers.

4.03 years ago

Small shrine, cute and hold annual small festival. Can recommend seeing this.

5.0a month ago