Apr/29, 2020 Isurugi Hikiyama Festival

Sightseeing information about Apr/29, 2020 Isurugi Hikiyama Festival in Japan.

Apr/29, 2020 Isurugi Hikiyama Festival3.4

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"Hikiyama Festival" is named for the wheeled festival floats which are pulled along at many traditional festivals. Wheeled festival floats are usually called Dashi in Japan, and also referred to as Hikiyama in some areas.
"Isurugi Hikiyama Festival" is held annually on April 29 at Isurugi area of Toyama Prefecture. It dates back to the Edo Period and has been held to pray for good health. The festival features the parade of 11 giant Hikiyama floats decorated gorgeously and luxuriously with black lacquered-wood, traditional carvings of wood, and small flowers. They are pulled by local people throughout the town, accompanied by lively Japanese music such as taiko drum and flute.

Date : April.29
15:00 Hikiyama Gathering at Oyabe Commerce and Industry Building (11 Hikiyama floats and 2 portable shrines)
15:40 Hikiyama Parade
18:00 Hikiyama arrival at Isurugi Station
19:10 Light-up of lanterns set on Hikiyama floats
20:30 Closing Ceremony

Venue : Isurugi area, Oyabe City, Toyama
Access : a 5-min walk from Isurugi Station
By Car : a 15-min drive from Oyabe Interchange of Hokuriku Highway
Parking : 100 lots available

PurposeFestivals,parade,Traditional folk,night view,shrine/temple
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