Jul/25, 2020 The Genpei Kagyu Festival in Märchen Oyabe *canceled

Sightseeing information about Jul/25, 2020 The Genpei Kagyu Festival in Märchen Oyabe *canceled in Japan.

Jul/25, 2020 The Genpei Kagyu Festival in Märchen Oyabe (Flaming Bull Festival) *canceled3.1

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 from 7/25 '20 to 7/25 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, Flaming Bull Festival has been canceled in 2020.

The Fire Cow Festival (Flaming Bull Festival) is held in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, and unique event inspired by the Battle of Kurikara in 1183.
In this battle, Minamoto-no-Yoshinaka attached lit torches to the horns of oxen and released them into the forces of the army in a surprise attack known as the Kagyu-no-Kei (Flaming Bull Strategy).

The festival features the race to compete for the fastest time by pulling a huge bull(cow) made of straw.
The weight of a straw-made-bull is about 680 kilograms for adult, and about 150 kilograms for kids, and set fire to the horn of the cow when the race starts.

Preliminaries are held in the afternoon, and the final race takes place in the evening.
Besides the cow race, there are the dance performance, the music show, and food stalls, etc. scheduled as well.

Date: July 27, 2019 (Sat)
Venue: around Oyabe Commerce and Industry building, Echizen-town shopping street
Access: a 5-min walk from Isurugi Station on Ainokaze Toyama Line

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PurposeFestivals,thrilling,Traditional folk,shrine/temple
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