Jun/1 - Jun/30, 2020 Honkoji Temple Hydrangea Festival

Sightseeing information about Jun/1 - Jun/30, 2020 Honkoji Temple Hydrangea Festival in Japan.

Jun/1 - Jun/30, 2020 Honkoji Temple Hydrangea Festival (canceled)3.6

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 from 6/1 '20 to 6/30 '20


※Due to the coronavirus concerns, Honkoji Temple Hydrangea Festival has been canceled.

Honkoji Temple is located in southeast of Aichi Prefetcure, about 45mins away from Nagoya. It is the family sanctuary temple of the Fukozu-Matsudaira Clan and known as "Temple of the Hydrangeas at Mikawa", for at this time of year the 10,000 bushes planted everywhere in the temple's area bloom all at once, decorating it with all sorts of hues and tones.

Besides, the Homotsukan(Treasure House) is opened to the publlic during the festival.(10:00-15:00, closed on Mon, 300yen)

Dates: June 1 - June 30
Venue: Honkoji Temple
Address: 17 Uchiyama, Fukozu, Kota-cho, Aichi Prefecture
Tel: 0564-62-1626

Purposeinstagrammable,women,Seasonal Flowers,shrine/temple
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5.08 months ago

This is a very ancient temple complex. It is especially beautiful during rainy season (It is famous for, and rightly so, it’s stunning array of hydrangeas. In fall, it is surrounded by vibrant maples. And in winter, there are camellias of many varieties. The complex is undergoing restoration at this time so all areas are not accessible, but it is still worth the effort to go. Hopefully it will be even more visitor friendly when restoration is complete.

4.0a year ago

This was the family temple of the Matsudairas. It had fallen into a state of disrepair... virtually abandoned. When I visited there several years ago one could imagine its former glory, but it was in need of some major maintenance. I’m happy to report that someone has been busy working on restoring this temple. Many areas have been spruced up and repaired. It is well worth a visit. I went there to photograph camellias. The last I visited they were very overgrown and hard to find. The experience this time was much improved. This place is known for its hydrangea, and there are signs of Sakura, maples, and ume ... promising a new look for each season.This is a place for those looking for a bit of peace and quiet and Japanese history. I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses from here. I’ll be going again soon.

5.08 months ago


4.03 months ago

直近の道は狭く 運転注意。駐車場も狭いが、入れ替りは速い。

3.02 months ago