Jun/27 - Jul/5, 2020 The 61th Akkeshi Iris Festival

Sightseeing information about Jun/27 - Jul/5, 2020 The 61th Akkeshi Iris Festival in Japan.

Jun/27 - Jul/5, 2020 The 61th Akkeshi Iris(Ayame) Festival3.9

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 from 6/27 '20 to 7/5 '20


Ayamegahara Wildflower Garden is on a cliff located 12km away from Akkeshi town, Hokkaido, facing the Ocean which tip of the cliff is named Nose of Chinbe at 100 m above sea level.
There is a wildflower garden with about 100 ha on the cliff, over 100 kinds of flowers seem to bloom from May to October.
From late-June to early-July, about 300,000 Arctic Irises(Ayame) are blooming gradually, the scale of colony is the largest in Japan.

Akkeshi Iris Festival (Akkeshi Ayame Festival)
Dates: June 27 (Sat) - July 5 (Sun), 2020
Venue: Ayamegahawa Wildflower Garden
Address: 321, Suehiro, Akkeshi Town, Hokkaido
Admission & Parking: Free
Access: take the Kushiro bus from Akkeshi Station, and get off the Ayamegahara stop (25mins)

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5.0a year ago

We visited the wild iris garden on 11th June and it was beautiful with many iris flowers.
The pathway entrance is via gates apparently to keep out horses that do roam the area but they have entry points to allow visitors to take beautiful photos with the lovely iris.
The toilet in the parking area is very clean too.
Do make a detour if you are in the area, you will not regret it.

5.06 years ago

Very nice view.

5.0a week ago

虽然身在北海道,但就是很有my love mv的感觉,苏格兰的绿,还有野生放养的马儿,还有呼啸的风,让人爱上大自然

3.03 weeks ago

2020/8/13 11時ぐらいに訪問。到着してすぐにクルマが大きなアブの群れに囲まれて、アブがクルマに体当たりのアタック。スズメバチの様な大きさで妻が怖がってドアを開けるなと言うので、あきらめて撤退しました。後で他の人のコメントでヒトにはアタックしてこないことを知りました。クルマが牛か馬に見えるんですかね。

4.03 months ago