Jun/16, 2019 The Week of Time'19

Sightseeing information about Jun/16, 2019 The Week of Time'19 in Japan.

Jun/16, 2019 The Week of Time'193.9

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 from 6/16 '19 to 6/16 '19


In 660 A.D.,Emperor Tenji created the first water clock in Japan, and he announced the hours with a bell of the water clock in 671 A.D. In modern Japan, June 10th is called "Time Commemoration Day" in honor of this event.
Akashi city, Hyogo prefecture is the city on the Japan Standard Time meridian. The city determines the week from June 10 as the "Week of Time", and holds the events in Akashi Park. June 16th is the main day of the week, you can enjoy the various events in some venues.

Venue: Akashi Park etc.
Address: 1-27, Akashi Park, Akashi City, Hyogo

PurposeFestivals,Traditional folk,experience
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