Sep/14 - 16 Great Festival and Yabusame Ritual at Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine

Sightseeing information about Sep/14 - 16 Great Festival and Yabusame Ritual at Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine in Japan.

Sep/14 - 16 Great Festival and Yabusame Ritual at Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine 3.6

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 from 9/14 '19 to 9/16 '19


Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine is the most important Shinto shrine in the city of Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture.
The Annual Major Festival of Tsuruoka Hachimangu lasts three days from 14th to 16th September.
During the festival period, various rituals and events are scheduled.

14th on Sep.
- Hamaori-shiki ( Purification at the Coast Ritual ) at 4:30am ~
Before starting the Annual Ritual, priest go to the sea, and hold a purification ritual in the sea. Then they bring seaweed to the shrine as proof of purificiation. The seaweed is hung on all the gates in the shrine.

- Yoimiya-sai (Evening Ceremony) at 6:00pm ~
This is a ceremony to announce the god to take place the grand ritual on the following day.

15th on Sep.
- Reitai-sai (Main Annual Rite) at 10:00am~
Emissaries from the Association of Shinto Shrines bring offerings. This ritual is conducted by the Chief Priest, and priests, shrine maidens, and 8 local girls also participate.

- Shinko-sai (Portable Shrine Procession) at 1:00pm~
This is a parade accompanying three portable shrines, priests, horses, and musicians. The length of the parade is several hundred meters, and a total of numbers is about 250 people. At the second Torii gate, the dance called Yaotomeno-mai dedicated by 8 girls.

-Yabusame-shinji (Yabusame horseback archery ritual) at 1:00pm~ *main highlight of the festival
Yabusame originated in middle of 6th century as a Shinto ritual in which horseback riders shoot arrows at wooden targets set up in the shrine precincts. Today there are various styles and manners of Yabusame inherited by different shrines and particular families. It was common in the ancient past that the result of Yabusame depended on the number of targets successfully hit. Fragments of the targets were used to tell fortunes. The target and arrows used in successful shots were kept as amulets.

- Suzumushi-Hojosai (Releasing Bell Crickets)
This is a ritual of releasing bell crickets dedicated to the god during the Main Annual Rites. After the dedication of music and dance by Shinto priests and maidens, they release bell crickets in the precinct.

Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine
Address: 2-1-31 Yukinoshita, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Access: about a 15-min walk from Kamakura Station

PurposeFestivals,parade,Traditional folk,shrine/temple
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5.0in the last week

My family are purifying here. Cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring and ginkgo is beautiful in autumn. There are long stairs before worship, so if you are not confident in your legs, we recommend using the side stairs.

5.0in the last week

Never have gotten bored visiting this place. There’s always something new with lots to do and see around the area, not only the shrine. The shrine itself is also overwhelming, and a wedding ceremony was going on when I visited. Walk around the park is fascinating, encountering different cultures and nature. I came across to a while squirrel.

There are many stores for the visitors to enjoy on the streets but there isn’t many bathrooms around. So make sure to use bathrooms when you go into a restaurant etc, as it was quite difficult to find public bathrooms around the area.

4.0a month ago

Another beautiful shine located in Japan. The surrounding area is also amazing. We took the museum tour which shows you the history or this shine and some of Japan. It costs a couple ¥100’s for a family to take the short museum tour.

5.03 months ago

Went over the summer on my study-abroad trip. It's absolutely beautiful~! There's so much stuff to do, and lots of beautiful foliage and scenery. You can do all your standard shrine things, and also get to see rituals and visit the museum section to learn about the shrine's history. It's also very lively too, there were hundreds of people when I went. Down the street I think you can go shopping too, I personally didn't shop but there are a lot of lovely places in the area you can explore.

And of course... the pigeons! I ended up getting two to chill with me for a few minutes without any food (they sell food that you can feed to birds and carp in the ponds below). Nearby there's even a dove-themed gift shop, I bought some dove paper clips and post-it tabs. Totally would recommend coming here, whether it's your first trip or your fiftieth.

4.0a month ago

This was a beautiful sight. The temple in the distance. There are lots and lots of people but it is not noisy, no one is rude. There are little stores along the walk up to temple where you can buy snacks, little trinkets and sugared candies.