Aug/15 Shoro Nagashi Festival in Nagasaki

Sightseeing information about Aug/15 Shoro Nagashi Festival in Nagasaki in Japan.

Aug/15 Shoro Nagashi Festival(Spirit Boat Procession) in Nagasaki4.0

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 from 8/15 '19 to 8/15 '19


Shoro Nagashi, Spirit Boat Procession, is a kind of traditional ceremony to mourn the spirit of the deceased in Nagasaki Prefecture.

At the first summer following the death of a family member, the surviving family members tow boats called Shoro Ship, which are decorated with lanterns and imitation flowers and are believed to hold the spirits of the deceased on board, to a place called the Nagashiba. There is a meaning to put the soul of the deceased on Shoro Ship and send it to the spirit world by delivering it to Nagashiba.

Shoro Nagashi will be held in a lively atmosphere such as the use of firecrackers, but it is an event to mourn the soul of the deceased and it is different from the general festival. The number of Shoro Ship is around 1,500, and the size varies which the big one is around 10 meters.

Venue: Nagasaki City central area
Date: August 15
Hours: 17:00~22:00
Access: Nagasaki Station on JR Line

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Purposeeasily accessible,Traditional folk,shrine/temple
Airport/Sta.Nagasaki sta. (about 900m) Google Transit